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America and continuing coverage of hurricane Florence this afternoon on all things considered from NPR news. Running this afternoon here on K Q E from four thirty to six thirty next up on morning edition NPR's David green. We'll speak with the CNN reporter about the exit of a longtime sixty minutes executive producer amid misconduct investigation and other sex harassment allegations at CBS also had a record heat wave ruined crops across Europe this summer, but not all the crops. Champagne growers are apparently ecstatic over a bumper crop this year, vintage twenty eighteen is expected to be one of the best vintages that story ahead as well. Now NPR news at four thirty live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. Forecasters say hurricane Florence will likely come ashore along the border of north and South Carolina by tomorrow afternoon. Thousands of people have evacuated coastal areas it remains a category two. Hurricane funeral services are being held today in Texas for a twenty six year old man who was shot and killed by an off. Duty Dallas police officer NPR's. Wade Goodwin reports. Botham John's life came to a tragic end a week ago when an off-duty Dallas police officer says she missed hook his apartment for hers, amber Geiger, who is white shout Jong who's black in the chest after entering his apartment. Uninvited? The officer has been charged with manslaughter, though, other charges could be pending jaw from the Caribbean island Assan Lucia was working in Dallas at price. Waterhouse Coopers funeral services for John will also be held on Sol Lucia Wade Goodwin. NPR news Dallas in Russia. Two men are denying involvement in a nerve agent attack in England earlier this year and PR's Lucian Kim has more from Moscow RT the Russian state TV channel in English. Says it secure the interview when the two men call the editor on her cell phone. They say they are the men. British authorities have identified as trying to murder former Russian double agent Sergei scruple in Salisbury England. Two men say they didn't fact travel to the city, but only as tourists. This is NPR news. The Senate Judiciary committee is meeting today to consider President Trump's nominee to the US supreme court federal appeals court judge Brad Kavanagh Democrats on the committee say they need time to examine classified documents released last night Republican leaders in congress say they expect the full Senate to confirm cavenaugh to the high court before the end of the month, newly released emails suggest the Trump administration anticipated a court battle over a citizenship question and into the twenty twenty u s census NPR's hunting lo Wong reports. The emails were revealed in connection with legal challenges. The question asks is this person a citizen of the United States commerce secretary Wilbur Ross you overseas? A census says he added to the census because of a Justice department request, but four months before the Justice department submitted its request, a congress official wrote to secretary Ross at the issue of citizenship question, quote, will go to the supreme court Ross replied, we should be very careful about everything. Whether or not it is likely to end up in the SEC each other administration, originally redacted this Email exchange, but plaintiffs in the lawsuits have been pushing for more information as a cases move closer to potential trials at US district. Courts census bureau research suggests including the question could harm the headcount accuracy on Zee. Lewan NPR news New York stocks in Asia rose today after the Trump administration proposed a new round of trade talks with China. Wall Street futures are higher this morning. I'm Dave Mattingly. NPR news in Washington..

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