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My first tony winner v digs in his best friend growing up raphael castle they teamed up like i said old high school friends too from oakland to write a movie together called blind spotting and i held off on the release i interviewed them quite a while ago but he'll he'll often the released to align with this movie blind spotting it's really really good it's very timely movie about race and class set against the backdrop of a gentrifying oakland like i said they're hometown it's a really really good movie and the guys were just so cool nice and just sweetheart dudes dvd eggs it was great to meet both of them so we talked a lot about their movie and filmmaking in hamilton but we did talk about get out they agreed that they could vote talk about that movie instant classic yeah so watch get out and listen up this friday and we will see you next week later our world is full of the unexplainable mysterious events unusual objects and people who defy the tiny little categories that make us feel safe i'm erin minke most days i'm writing and producing the hit podcast lore now i'm opening the doors of my own virtual room of wonder with aaron mckie's cabinet of curiosities every tuesday and thursday you'll get a guided tour through some of the most bizarre corners of history from unexplainable moments and coincidences to people and objects that have come with unusual backstories consider this your invitation visit apple podcasts dot com slash curiosities today to subscribe and listen for free step inside gather round i'd like to take you on a tour welcome to the cabinet of curiosities

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