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It spread it get started with at bitcoin dot com. It's bitcoin dot com now that multiple thomas e dewey highschool sources have that junior jessica. Millie will soon begin. Putting out with many speculating that you'll go all the way with her boyfriend. Josh gibson as early as this friday. Billy's classmates have been quick to weigh in on. The news was sitting at this table when she told erica that she was filing going to josh. Jessica's pretty hot so. I'm happy with a decision. I was pretty certain. The next will start. Putting out with the amy courtly. Because everybody knows her mom's a slut we'll the majority of students were somewhat surprised that jessica might give it up at andy wheelers house party. This friday. possibly on one of wheeler's to basement couches milley's intentions didn't come as a shock to some now that the news is settling in several. Dewey high sources are suggesting that millions decision could cause a domino effect in which even more classmates begin putting out in the near future. I think i'm going to start putting out in january or february definitely by prom and keep checking the onion dot com for more news. As the story progresses the onion news network there are lots of ways to listen to free. Talk live or podcast has been around since podcasts began and now the f. t. l. feed is loaded with content besides are full show archives. Did you know that we make it. Easy for you to customize your podcast subscriptions we have different feeds. One that includes only are full shows one with just the daily digest and our main feed. That includes everything. You decide what you listen to. It's quick and easy to customize your feeds at feeds dot freetalklive dot com that's feeds dot freetalklive dot com. 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Talk live but most of the people been calling in about kobe. And just an and i happen to be recovering from it. So i gotta say that you know for me. It feels like a very You know insightful. Timely show because well there were days over. The course of the past couple of weeks with just couldn't get up couldn't do anything wasn't eating. I lost fifteen pounds in five days. You know what the reminds me of the flu. Well i wouldn't. I wouldn't be able to tell you whether it's the flu or not the flu because it's a very bad case of the flu is what my experience you thought for a few days. You see. you weren't gonna make it. No no. I didn't think that for a second. Like oh god. Last time i last time. I lost a like fifteen pounds on without being able to move from the bed. I had a really bad stomach flu. Yeah well this. One of the reasons that You know when you have the chills in you know. You've you've got a fever in these sorts of things your body's working harder. It's burning more calories. And i had a few calories to burn ladies and gentlemen i had a high of two zero six five foot probably ten now at fifty years old but five foot. Eleven is what i would've called myself. And yeah i mean. It's just burned through calories and don't feel like eating still still not really eating very much but Yeah you can call in about whatever you want to talk about. Six zero three two eight three six one six zero and that seems to be one of the major issues with this is that it destroys your sense of smell slash tastes so eating when you can't actually taste your food is a chore. I taste things but they taste different tastes different so You know we'll see. Let's go to ryan collins from tennessee ryan. You're on free. Talk live from taking my call. Sure i wanted to chime in on the vaccine. But first of all i wanted to salute all of you for fighting the good fight to protect your free speech against big government big media. Everybody who's trying to hold us back at it takes me for sure but As far as the vaccine goes I've got several points. I'm gonna try to keep it short About a year ago. Well first of all the. Fda has not approved any of these vaccines they've given the eu eu eu way. Emergency use reservations. But none of them have been approved ago I guess the fourth caller bags gonna call me a fake caller but a year ago the ceo. Madonna came on the fox business channel. Maria bartolo mos interviewing him and he was bragging that they developed the vaccine in four days. So i'm sitting here thinking well. There's there hasn't been a vaccine producing in less than five years than they did. In four days so basically they got their vaccine right the very very first. Try even even be someone that lever. As i think the only reason the fda won't approve because then when a whole bunch of people start dying they'll be like put you approved fda or exactly. They have no idea what the long term effects or. i mean. it's like it's like ski experiment. They're calling thirty. I got in trouble for calling experimental gene therapy.

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