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KSFO San Francisco Oakland San Jose issue realization Russian election meddling post prison career Underwood who set the day before the Nevada caucuses presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he was briefed about a month ago by US officials that Russia has been trying to help his campaign fellow democratic presidential candidate P. booted judge expressed concern over Russian election meddling I'm not gonna try to get in the Latimer Putin said what I know is that this kind of interference is incredibly dangerous for our democracy and we need a president who takes it seriously and is going to act to make sure that any power whether it is Russia or anybody else who even gets the idea of interfering in our elections gets the message through our deterrence that it is not worth the attempt at a Las Vegas rally president trump minimize new warnings from U. S. intelligence experts said Russia is interfering in this year's election campaign in an effort to help them win reelection it's just information that's the only thing they're good at they're not good at anything else to get nothing done do nothing Democrats they deserve that once you make sure I get fresh out of prison following his sentence commutation by president trump's former Illinois governor rod Blagojevich is in the hunt for a post prison career look way which says he learned a valuable lesson in prison about the system that sent him there when you've been put where I was and you have all the time that I was given to think and look back on some of the things you might have done different that's certainly an area that you talked about that I certainly wish I would have done more on there's no question about that I didn't know how corrupt the criminal justice system was until they did it to me and that was a wake up call Wells Fargo admitted to pressuring employees in a fake accounts scandal and has agreed to pay three billion dollars to resolve criminal and civil investigations into its fraudulent sales practices it's been a six fold jump in viral infections in South Korea and four days to three hundred forty six initial infections in South Korea linked to China's corona virus outbreak but the new cases do not show a clear connection to travel and barbecue sept taking a look at KSFO traffic we've had a pair of accidents cleared to the children the Livermore valley but it certainly has bungled up the commute eastbound five idiot six eighty was the first of those collisions stop and go from there to Santa Rita and then the second accident on the shoulder at First Street and comes in the middle of slow traffic from airway Boulevard over the Altamont pass to two oh five most all eastbound eighty epidural continues to block the left lane you back all the way into the macarthur maze there in the South Bay an accident southbound EDT it Coleman just moved to the shoulder east bound to thirty seven great America parkway an accident in the second lane from the left slow traffic from that point over towards anchor road and it opened a three car accident blocking the killer Avenue on ramp to westbound five eighty with KSFO traffic I'm L. Rogers right it's Jamie progressives number one number two employee leave a message at the Hey Jimmy it's me Jamie this is your daily pep talk I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your archipelagos Matt harmony but you will bounce back I mean you're the guy always.

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