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I'm Mary course. Eddie Fox news. Former president thanking his legal team and all of the United States, senators and members of Congress and a statement Saturday night after the Senate acquits Trump for the second time House impeachment managers convinced 57 senators, including seven Republicans, that former President Trump incited insurrection, senators, We proved he bitch Greatest country. We proved he betrayed his constitution. Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin, an impeachment managers argue. Trump's weeks of refusing election results led to the deadly riot at the Capitol on January. 6th charge Attorney Michael Vander being called preposterous. Democrats were obsessed with impeaching Mr Trump from the very beginning of his term. In a statement, former president Trump called the trial another phase of the greatest witch hunt. Heading the movement to make America great again has only just begun. Jared Halpern Fox news. Meanwhile, the White House deputy press secretary is stepping down over threats he allegedly made to a member of the media. In a statement Saturday, White House deputy press secretary TJ Duck Low announced he's resigning for the abort, disrespectful and unacceptable threats that he made to a reporter for Politico press secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged, uh, close resignation coming just one day after he was suspended for one week without pay. After telling this reporter he would destroy her if she published a story about his relationship with another member of the media. The Biden administration's response came under fire for the suspension, contradicting the press. His promise to fire anyone who disrespected a colleague Duck low, adding in a statement, quote I know I can't take it back. But I also know I can learn from it and do better and quote Mad. Napolitano. Fox News in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces intensifying accusations that he covered up the true death toll of covert 19 on nursing home. Residents in a two told lawmakers the data was delayed because they worried the information will be used against them. State lawmakers are now calling for an investigation and demanding Cuomo be stripped of his emergency powers. America is Listening to Fox News. From the Fox News Podcasts network. Getting schooled with Tammy Horny said. I just think they looked at the list of the companies that were most heavily shorted and decided to go for those. It's so interesting that this all happened because of a Reddit forum. Also, it just shows the power of the Internet. Nowadays, you know, it's it's interesting to look at both sides of the story to. Obviously the red eaters really benefited off of this, But the hedge funds not so much subscribe and listen now by going to a Fox News podcasts done calm. The Fox News Podcasts Network. It's the Fox News rundown. Start your day With a contrast of perspectives. You won't hear anywhere else. A daily Morning podcast going far beyond the headlines tapping into the massive reporting resource is of Fox News to provide a full picture of the news of the day. I'm Dana Pary. No, I'm right there. I'm Jessica Tarlov. I'm Chris Wallace. And this is the Fox News. Run down, Listen and subscribe Now by going that fox news podcasts dot com Ah Winter Storm has blanketed the Pacific Northwest with ice and snow, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power and prompting organ Governor Kate Brown to declare a state of emergency. By Saturday morning. Nearly 300,000 people were without power. Snow was expected to continue falling in Washington, Oregon and Idaho this weekend, while Montana and Wyoming were.

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