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Get involevment. They make friends with a guy by the name of George Machine Gun. Kelly really machine gun. Kelly was a little bit of. I'm an educated man had grown up in the upper middle class section of Memphis Tennessee and he is working in the records office well. UNBEKNOWNST to a lot of people at in the institution George Machine Gun Kelly dumbing passes for inmates nights trustees past work outside the walls the institution. He Dummies two passes for Francis. Kaeding and Thomas Holden they get outside the penitentiary pantry. They walk off so they're gone keady holding Meet with Frank Nash in Cicero Illinois. They've got an inside man that is helping with the plot. They've got a correctional officer that is smuggling communications in in and out of the institution they get word to them at Cicero Illinois. Put The ball forward and they start drumming up this plan to help these guys get out of the institution. Well did they. Were able to get some guns inside the institution in this one too. I noticed down in eastern Oklahoma summit at Huntsville with Bonnie Clyde prison break they smuggle a gun in there to where the work crew could find the gun. Did they did the same thing that they actually Part of the plan was is the guy started watching and paying attention inside to the routine the worst thing in the world that you could do in prison is set a routine. Yeah because inmates. They're they're twenty four hours a day seven days a week they can watch you and figure out what your routine is. You don't ever want to do the same thing two or three times in a row because they know what it is so they started started watching what was going on. They used the business office in the Federal Prison Industries and they ordered a barrel shoe paste because the shoe shoe factory which manufactured at that time all of the shoes at the military were they were inside walls of the institution while they order a barrel shoop pays from the company that The institutional racism from May pick it up hollowed out on the inside put a cachet. They have weapons to include six pistols six rifle one hundred seventeen blasting cap seventeen sticks of dynamite and one hundred hundred feet of blasting chord into an inner tube and sinking into this barrel. A shoe paste man paint it the color that the federal prison recognizes big noses. Yeah and they ship it into the institution that's amazing and once they got the weapons inside the institution they'd be. The biggest plot killer for the escape was frank. Nash and his crew Machine Gun. Kelly and Thomas James Holden Francis Keating had pulled up and and did a robbery of north met resulted in the death of the Bank President Sun and and Charlie Harman and they called. They got news to them and to them. It's ideas tuition telling them. Hey you know if you go. Oh Wow that day. You're on your own. There were hot for X.. Men Shot. We're not going to be down near the plan. was they. Were GonNA pull up in front of the institution with two separate cars that were manned with police radios for clothes for the guy's money for him to get out of the get out of town and that plan. Dan dissolved once. My Bank robbery went to pieces and so they were robbing a bank so that has some cash when they got down for the prison break and once you know in these small towns like this back in those days the the word went out especially if there was a murder lack that the word went out all the little towns around were were on the look. They're probably had a car description at least in and certainly weren't that many cars travelling around any on on the the more through roads. Once did a bonding. Clyde Tori taken. Some of the roads that they talked about them taking like one sixty nine and sixty nine murders or secondary roads now but those are the kinds of some of the only through road roads to get some of these places back in the thirties and and especially if it rain you know those other Rosier Metro. You're getting through them so these local policemen that they'll be looking out for any kind of a car that comes anywhere close and has people that don't really belong at in the country. So yeah they would have been hot. Yeah they so they were on the run and I always tell people from the this escape started falling apart because they picked the worth ward in the world ever take hostage. Yeah they took a guy with name of Thomas Bruce White Thomas Bruce White I grew up in Texas. His father author was a County sheriff and he grew up watching his dad in law enforcement forever and he and his brothers became became members of the Texas Rangers and he was a Texas Ranger for almost ten years became a railroad detective from a railroad detective decides ads in one thousand nine hundred eighteen. He's going to join the. US military and fight in World War One any pay flunks a physical and this guy blame of J. Edgar Hoover come calling and he says hey you know you're kind of the type of guy we're looking forward to form is agency called the Bureau of Investigation. And he him and his brother was. Actually what are the very first F. B. I.. Agents ever hired for the Bureau of Investigation would turn into the FBI on this was a guy who was was awarded. And and this was not just some bureaucrat. That had come up through you know as a good typist in in a connected to some politicians and then got promoted motive in the prison. Industry is what he's saying. Is that girl yeah he he was a very smart individual and and and tough to tough can. How did it go down today? In what what was kind of the overall plan. I guess the overall plan was to take the warden hostage force opened the gate. Well going back to. You don't want to set a routine. What are the things that that Thomas Bruce wight did every morning around? Nine o'clock after the institution. Stop Serving Breakfast and at that point in time one of the things. Everybody's kind of always ask that question. Well it takes three years develops escape. How did they get caught well? Back in the prohibition era when you've got all these gangsters running around you got bootleggers running around. You've got all these laws that the Harrison Narcotics Actors New prohibition is new The interstate transportation stolen vehicles becomes a federal crime. So you're talking about going. From an institution was originally designed to hold fifteen hundred inmates. During nineteen twenties their population was forty. Five hundred allows allows it was double neighbor gobbled up and they had they had inmates everywhere down to and it became a you know a lot of people take a look at the Birdman of Alcatraz and I think we'll just how does a guy maintain a bird aviary inside the walls of a federal prison. Yeah well it was sort of one of those things that they had so many inmates that they were kind of giving them something to do. It's kind of like the OUTTA sight Outta mind if we give you something to do. You're not creating havoc or chaos. So and that's how that works but they had Taken three years to the mastermind. This get anything and everything in and out and get it all set and older born December eleventh nineteen thirty one. Seven inmates put to escape plan to emotion lay lay a pretty well had to run at the inside of the prison. Sounds to me like these guys. Oh yeah a lot of those guys. They worked in and they used force passes to obtain access to what we call the recorder. The if you take a look at pictures of Leavenworth the institution the administration building is out. Front you come in the front door of the institution you pass through three grills now back then there was only two and you would get Access into the institutional the institution has a central Rotunda sorta like the Congressional building in Washington. DC and you walk down a long hallway and at the end of that hallway if you go straight back you've got the dining room on one side the auditorium on the other and you've got two exits one goes towards the west side of the institution one goes towards the east side of the institution to get you access outside while the inmates get up the rear quarter which is on the east side where they're coming from present. These two phony passes to the correctional officers there and lay get access at nearly take him hostage immediately. They've got the guns that got alll the dynamite and they had taken they've got the dynamite the weapons in the institution about three days before that and they had taken a dynamite and actually sweated nitroglycerine. LIZ run out of it by cooking it and put it on a bottle so they got into the main institution and warden was holding conferences. That morning with inmates. It's a hold meetings every morning then mates so used as they were. They knew inmates Rabin coming and going from the win and they knew exactly where he was going to be at any given time and the guy sitting at the desk talking to Frank. Tom White at the time was Fred Barker Mall Barker's a a New Year and the get up to the warden's office get inside the warden's office and they start throwing down and they even took it may toss stage judge. They took the inmates hostage. All the Staff Hostage Palm White Heard Commotion Going on outside its office. First thing he did was he took his car keys out of his pocket. The one hundred eighth his desk and cover them up of the rug and they come in forced him out of the office forced him towards the front door. Will they get to the front door. The institution Anders. This older correction officer and they look at him and tell him open the door and he says might open the door. There's only one man in the world to order me to open this door. And that's the word himself and one of them pulls up a stick dynamite lights a match and he tells me so so. You're not open this door I'm gonNA blow. All the hell. Correctional Officer looks at them. insys domino old man. We'll see each other and hell man as a deaf. Oh bird there and white kind of seeing the situation as it was as if they blow up the front end of the institution because a larger escape so he kind of prevails. Calmer heads I guess and tells the officer said look just open the door let us go out front door. Yeah and and we'll we'll deal with it from there and they start out the front door they've got all these hostages got eleven hostages Dodie they force their way out the door and the officers up in tower there was a main tower that sets out front of Leavenworth and at that time there was a cat walk around the tower one of the officers recognizes. What's going on at the moment? What they step out on the Front Portico of the institution and he jumps up and rips the canvas off of a One thousand nine hundred nineteen seventeen belt fed. Yeah I was GONNA say Browning rounding machine gun he would have been armed with at least be ours up there but they had a bad mouthing grounded. Wow and he pulls a canvasback awards like Hayes. Let's let's think about what's going on a minute wait a minute. I'm down there. So they get down to the bottom of the stairs and they grab white start across the front lawn with him towards warden's house which at that point time was on the front lawn of the tuition. They they start out over the the lawn and the guy in the armory opens fire on them late. Start to return fire and whitest once again. He he tells them. Hey you you know. Let's think about what we're doing here we've got you know houses across the street and really innocent people doing whatever and they got all the way to the warden's house jump in his garage. They jump in his car and the inmates. Say where's the keys. I left them in my office..

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