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WBZ news time four twenty one as their car wildfire rages on in northern California firefighters from the Michigan department of natural resources are there to help out and more are expected to go in the. Next couple of days DNR fire prevention specialist Paul Rogers talked with WWE as Beth Fisher so far we have sent out an. Engine that is on the large car fire, they've made it out there earlier. This week so they're out working on that we have an additional, resource that went on another fire in California and we have quite. A few resources up in the north west we have some other single resources that went out and we have quite a few, members of that's. On is incident management team and they. Are I'm working on some fires. In. Oregon so these are actually DNR firefighters. Yes some of them are quite, a few there's probably seven or eight firefighters and the other ones. Are planning sections chiefs. And things, like that That overall helps manage the large fire incidents how many personality you think, you have out west I believe we currently have twelve to thirteen personnel and we'll probably be sending more out in the. Next couple of days and so what, are you hearing back from them just the extreme conditions it's very dry very hot that's and everything has been again a typical summer weather out there where it's been dry for many months and this pretty severe conditions right now. And how long have Veracruz been out they're the ones that are there most of them have been out for about a week. We rotated a couple back through our normal, assignments are a fourteen day work. Assignment so someone goes for longer than that but most number fourteen, days and we rotate other people in as continues how long do. You think you're going to have people out there we'll probably keep supplying resources as long as we can and as long as, they need them. They do come back and help us. If we have large fires here. We. Had several out of state crews come. In and our last fire up, in the duck lake up in the UP so we continue build Relationship we have? With all these states that we all share resources so we'll continue to rotate through cruiser was, long as we have people available in the nita's air that's DNR fire, prevention specialist Paul Rogers with WWE as Beth Fisher a market preview from the Bloomberg business dust coming up next WBZ news. Time four twenty three Stargate August second.

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