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Uh david souter he's associate dean four graduate programs at the university of connecticut's school of business he says merging firms are often non commital about location plans in the future but cv as has been very very committed to aetna's presence in hartford and as sodere who has a published papers on merger and acquisition strategy said the decision makes sense given what the combination is trying to accomplish at night ncv as are not in the same business but rather complementary businesses and retaining the knowledge and each firm will be absolutely crucial both for continuing business as usual and for developing new innovations that motivate the merger so that is certainly good news and is a frontpage story very this morning in the hartford current and i'm sure there will be more more about it but uh that's good good knows you know some of the news that we get to isn't that great the other knows his is right on and this is going to help us this is going to help us a great deal there's no question another raw interesting story is about medical pot uh the use may be expanded proposals to allow prescriptions of medical marijuana in connecticut for five additional diseases and disorders including op ed withdrawal will be on the agenda for a state public hearing in hartford today other proposed of medical marijuana conditions on the agenda for the state board of physicians hearing include of many many other diseases and the those should be issued in the near future they hearing actually is scheduled for eight thirty eight thirty this morning at 450 columbus boulevard in in hartford okay twenty.

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