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I'm Lisa Taylor over 60 people have been rescued from a wildfire burning the mountains of Central California. The Fresno Fire Department says the creek fire in the Sierra National Forest is injured a dozen people, two of them critically. Last night 63 people were airlifted from the mammoth pool reservoir near Oakhurst, California Campers in the area had to be flown to safety after the wildfire blocked off the on ly Road out. Former vice president Joe Biden is leading President Trump In a new poll. The Democratic presidential candidate came out 7% points on top with 49% of the vote, according to the Harvard Caps Harris survey. While Trump is seen as the stronger candidate on the economy, Biden is preferred on nearly every other issue. British authorities are reporting a mass stabbing in the city of Birmingham. BBC says police were called to a stabbing incident early Sunday morning in the city Centre. Officers say a number of other stabbings were reported in the area around the same time incident is under investigation. That's the latest I'm Lisa Taylor. And I'm to these Pellegrini in the Bloomberg newsroom Investors are on high alert for more volatility in the coming week after that sudden sell off in U. S stocks on Thursday. Claudia Psalm is director of macroeconomic policy at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. She says the U. S economy will remain unstable until we get more pandemic stimulus from Congress. So I have seen no compelling argument about why we should not act Right now. The cost of doing too little are going to cost us for decades and we are seeing The haves and the have nots split apart from each other. We are in track for a very serious rise in inequality, and that is to a detriment of the whole economy..

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