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Changed my life when i heard those low notes on those roy is on his mind here. Eight just blew. my mind. Couldn't believe what i was hearing while and not just for. Wow this is. This is what i wanna do these long. We've in a week. I had a five string bass every car. Say telling you straight straight but you remember denmark. street yeah. I was down the right down window shopping ways strings. This homeowner fi string active bates. Oh yeah and you're practice. Oh my gosh yeah. I was buying lots of records and stuff like that and just educating myself you. It's nice though in like one again. One person's journey inspires the. I'd like to the extent you know because you can pay in front of anyone you know and some people get thrill for some people get inspired by you know and then it changes the echoes. What makes them feel well. This is doable or this is believable. Or i need to try something. You know that that that part of live music and inspiring the next generation so to speak the next person is Is really important. You know even today. When i think about it just blows my mind. So that was like january of ninety three and we've in six to seven years. Yeah he was me at ronnie scott's. Oh christ we've roy is. Oh full circle. Because i don't know it was. It was weird thing. How you know the kind of stars aligned. Really so at that time he had a saxophone player dark array gaskins and ray. He's the tour with an artist. Cool finished high monitor be tunes by norman connors and those guys and yeah he'd he joined warriors as ben and this guy was on my fierce alto saxophone. This guy was a monster be took about..

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