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Good morning mr and you're that drought was the right marcus allen yeah yeah right if it and then attended the event i didn't hear the first two hours with the program the way it broadcast here fan duel but i comment been struck need good strongest was and maybe i miss heard you but it sounded like you're description of it he compartmentalize thing i mean it compartmentalize being a good thing could have been limited who thirty to forty people would have knowledge of it and that includes the people that building i've been on film i've been on tv film that been the technical people alone i love number that so it's a night something is the and then to do this kind of a hoax well it would involved for more in my mind for pulling all the people who would have to do the analysis other off i mean they they'd their fifth claim that we retrieved roxanne they're trying to pick people with it but you are you thang they were involved in a two or because they found mostly because we were hopeful like i think there was some distinction no and then you're the aging of it you know like you're for there's a lot of hard to think they did there with those people involved in not as well i have no work w which it's kind of built the variable then and the then tension excuse me on the lamb and the i looked at from designed there i did again i missed the first two hours i'm not sure how much of that you're saying is the hope but but we didn't learn during the knicks in era was all the money the what i'd like to know where what's funny to your research how did you come up with conclusion and it's paying for all right oh good questions all there's a lot there to work with marcus west but start with compartmentalizing he can it's true on a crew in a studio with lites and so forth that's going to push over the thirty mark right there absolutely that is what happened because the the assumption is list some sort of secret i don't studios usually identified as being an area fifty what should complete announcement.

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