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This is national native news. I'm art Hughes in for Antonio Gonzalez, and investigation that included undercover purchases led to federal charges against two Washington state men for allegedly falsely representing themselves as native artists. The Justice Department says the two men had work in two galleries in Seattle's pike place market. Biographies of the artist claims they were Native American, other references to items sold online, also claimed to be from a native artist. Jerry Van Dyke represented himself as nez perce, but is not an enrolled member. Lewis Anthony rath falsely claimed to be a member of the San Carlos Apache tribe. Undercover agents purchased works by the man from the galleries, a search warrant served at the home of one of the men, revealed he also had feathers from eagles, owls, hawks, and other federally protected birds. The owners of the galleries have not been charged. The Ho chunk nation Supreme Court ruled against the tribal president in a dispute over an emergency budget passed last year. The Green Bay press gazette reports the court decided the tribal legislature acted properly in approving the budget in response to the pandemic that included cuts to the president's office. President Marlin white eagle filed a lawsuit in tribal court claiming the legislative branch had no authority to make budget decisions that affected his office, legislative officials argued the emergency budget avoided what would have been much more devastating economic consequences. President Joe Biden nominated Navajo citizen sunshine susanne Sykes to the U.S. district court for the central district of California. She is currently a superior court judge for riverside county. The first Native American hold that seat. Our previous work includes time with California Indian legal services, The White House notes if confirmed she would be the first article three judge in California and the first from the Navajo Nation. High schools across the pine ridge Indian reservation are benefiting from the influx of 900 new musical instruments, the donation is part of the tune for tots program by The Rock band widespread panic. Richard tubal reports. The nonprofit organization conscious alliance brought the most recent delivery to pine ridge high school. Music teacher and chess Lee says she's been keeping the school's music department alive anyway she could. A lot of the instruments that we have, I've put together, I've bought at garage sales and punch ops, big burrowing steel, everywhere we could get them and these are new. These are specifically what we want, what we ask for. Conscious alliance collaborates with musicians to raise food awareness and is committed to youth empowerment initiatives. Natalie hands the organization's pine rich fill director. Our belief at conscious alliance is music is medicine. You know? And we have so many gifted and talented young la cotes that just need the resources in order to express themselves and share their talent. The donation not only supports the high school music programs, but also The Rock the res music program and the pine ridge flute society. Will Peter's directs the society. A lot of these flute society members have graduated. They've gone on. But since they started, the recognition from their own people comes from when they're asked to come to play at a wake or funeral or at a wedding or at a Sundance to offer a spiritual uplifting. Red cloud, crazy horse and little wound high schools are also receiving instruments. In pine ridge, I'm Richard tubal. The Cherokee nation unveiled plans for a new $400 million healthcare facility, principal chief chuck hoskin signed the legislation to replace the 40 year old hospital in tahlequah. The original hospital was designed for about 60,000 patients per year, the paper reports the actual number of patients in recent years is close to ten times that. With.

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