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Saving the world to produce that song. He's busy. You've got a lot going on. Yeah, well done. Well done. Following back. What? I just want my only questions either First Lyric line escapes my ear. Ah oh, don't want while the real lyric and then lick it up is Paul Stanley the star child, Murphy says I don't wanna wait til you know me better. Okay? My lyric says I don't wanna wait. Get the lefty batter. Okay. Okay. Okay. Lefty Battery patents six today against the left, even though now he is four at bats against a lefty this year, and he has a bomb actually living right? Batting seventh. Here's our guy, Joey Bart, three knocks last night. Keep it coming. Joey was ready for this. Batting eighth is one of these things is just like, Obviously it's my kids were saying, Listen, Who is this guy? Dad said, Well, you're not alone. Well, Dan Robertson is playing short today. Right. And this is easily the counting. Unless you're a hard core seem head. You fall the transactions. Last week, The Giants picked this guy up after the Rays had waved him. And then they sent her to Sacramento. And I just thought, Well, whatever. And then they called him up. And now they're starting him. Today s O. This is very far on very, very far foreign field himself now by throwing in Dan Robertson because this guy was not performing for the Rays, former A's first round draft pick, actually. And then one little note on him is that he's super tight with Matt Duffy. Okay, said he and Duffy and Tampa together and in fact, Robertson told reporters, he said, I'm going back to the house that Matt Duffy built. Oh, no way. Yeah, but it's kind of nice quote there. And then that night. Just a guy has just been kind of gliding slightly under the radar. This year's is Mauricio du Bon in center field. Yeah, he's not a bad center fielder. He got some yesterday and he was out of the area and then Logan Webb on the hill. That's for your 10 out of 13 giants. In fact, for the nine o'clock around, they frequently don't here. We always fire these bullets early and never come back. But come on now. Final score. Historic final score. Giants 23 Rocky's five So good, so good. Unless you missed it. Alex Dickerson, number five on the season..

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