Devon Sala, Crispin Glover, Jack Nicholson discussed on That Awful Sound - 116 - My Chemical Valentine (Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up)


Not in the not like a jonathan taylor thomas thing we're not we're not talking we're not talking devon sala here he's now not talk and saw wire it's not even a crispin glover haircut because if you eat like crispin glover's dorky haircut will still form a peek at the top of his head this is like this is like a dracula bowl cut pulled back and parted down the sides uh like you said over his five head so it looks like the classic horseshoe balding pattern but just moved lower towards his face uhhuh uhhuh balding over his face it's he's got like a shrunken head vibe i know his head his domes pretty big that's the only thing like he's got a big ask dome you know he looks like jack nicholson in the shining ed for uh he he looks like neil hamburger when he's out of character and just has a normal bowl cut part of dammam ak greg turk in ten um he looks like who else a freight o from godfather part two just a giant bold forehead like your four had she should be bold but i feel the need to mention that the four had his ball just because i don't know it's it's all that like combined with an weird law and order sv you pedophile vibe yeah i think it has to do with his deeply sank in eyes sockets animals are there's some addition of makeup to make him look even more like a corpse but i'm not sure that he needed that much now that was actually bannock panic gotcha got cia so this so this dude our hero is a robotic lead like going through the motions of scanning purchases but then msi starts plan and our heroes starts headbanging ants right.

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