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Editorial director of women's wear daily sense of how the holiday shopping season is going how the consumers behaving but first let's go to Gregg Jarrett of Lubbock news for a Bloomberg business class yes he is incrementally rising even further from yesterday's record close call that backpacking help your fears stocks Europe six hundred also jumped above its previous all time I both markets are expected to be involved with major indices re balance and options and futures on indices and stocks with fire what's known as quadruple witching assigning the first phase U. S. China trade deal is set for January the terms remain unclear today Randall closer former fed governor university of Chicago booth school of economics profession because member it's just way too soon to think three difficult China are over with I wouldn't get too optimistic that suddenly we're down a path to solve all the issues these are really fundamental issues between the US and China it has to do with intellectual property rights intellectual theft and I think a bigger question about the the regime and so I can't really see that being being resolved we had a concert we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg radio SP five hundred is up six tenths of a percent of twenty the Dow's up one half of one percent of a hundred twenty six the nasdaq's up four tenths of a percent of thirty eight to ten years down one thirty second would be a one point two percent was Texas intermediate crude oil was down one point four percent sixty thirty comics pulled down three tenths percent at fourteen eighty ten per ounce the dollar yen one nine forty eight zero dollars ten seventy five which reached out about thirty forty six that is a Bloomberg business slash I'm Gregg Jarrett you're listening to Bloomberg markets it's in polls we need Lindberg radio seems like recently there's been some movement on global trade.

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