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Following a high profile hack this week. It may face a large fine for violating a 2010 settlement, which followed another hack attack. Sources say the FTC is reviewing the matter. The pandemic may bring a shake out among US colleges and universities. Ayoub study Find Schools with ample financial resource is strong endowments and national reputations will prosper. The rest may struggle to keep their doors open. Larry Kowski Bloomberg Radio Radio 1000. OK am K x x Y. FM, 96.18 to Oklahoma CITY, Oklahoma, Falling behind the national rate when it comes to the Census sign Beth Myers and the News Radio 1000 Katie Okay, news center. Oklahoma falls below the national average. When it comes to people responding to the 2020 census. The national response rate is 62%. Oklahoma's response rate is 56.3%. The Census Bureau says communities that are under counted risk missing out on federal funding for an array of critical programs and services. Including housing, transportation, health care, education and emergency response. Proponents of ST Question 810 have withdrawn their initiative petition Here's Margot Murano. The state questions sought to take away redistricting power from the Legislature and instead give it to a citizen's commission that would redraw legislative and congressional boundaries. Andy more with the group people, not politicians, says the petition was withdrawn because of what he calls unnecessary lawsuits by politicians and delays due to the cova 19 pandemic. He says it would not have made the ballot this year, so they decided to withdraw the state question, he says The fight for fair maps in Oklahoma, though, is far from over the 1600 bed private prison and Cushing is closing for good course. Civic says it is closing the prison to help the Oklahoma Department of Corrections meet its budget needs. Prison employees 290 people now the state Department of Corrections says it offered to decrease beds in each of the states three private prisons to allow them all to remain open. But it says Cor Civic chose to close the prison in Cushing Course. Civic has another prison in Holden Ville. Goc says inmates in Cushing will be moved up open beds in other prisons. Core Civic says it will provide assistance to employees impacted by the closure and unpublished report from the White House Corona Virus Task Force recommends 18 states, including Oklahoma rollback, reopening measures because of surging Corona virus cases. A report dated July 14th was obtained by the center for Public Integrity, and it's not clear why the task force did not release it. Among other things, it says states and so called red zones should require residents to wear masks, clothes, bars and gyms and limits social gatherings to 10 people or fewer. And after getting complaints, Norman Police say that they've identified police officer is not wearing a mask as required by City ordinance. It says those officers have received discipline from their supervisors Governor Kevin Stitt today launched a dashboard of metrics that he says provides Oklahomans with an overview of the progress being made in making Oklahoma top 10 state and critical categories. State says it's an easy to understand scorecard. That helped state leaders monitor how we compare on the national level and make informed decisions in order to move the needle in key areas and a grisly murder and McCallister, A 30 year old woman reportedly has confessed to police. She tried to cut off the head of the man she was living with. McAllister newspaper says Crystal. Hayworth went to the Pittsburgh County Sheriff's office after the attack earlier this week covered in blood and said she planned to marry 57 year old Leonard broke shoulder, kill him and take all his property. Brooke Shoulder was found dead inside a residence from.

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