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The twenty fourth Runcie peer damp start but don't let it get you down because it's going to develop into a pretty darn good nice beach day in the waters get nice and warm to at the beaches today's high just about eighty degrees in the nice stretch at least right now it looks like we are precipitation free as far as Friday and we've got sixty five degrees right now a Pennsylvania school district in which parents who were behind on paying student lunch bills were warned that their kids could be placed in foster care if they didn't pay up they've rejected an offer from a C. E. O. to pay off all twenty two thousand Bucks about standing desk why C. E. O. and co founder of Philadelphia based like Columbus coffee is name is Todd Carmichael he said that the school board president there Joseph major of the Wyoming valley west school district told him on Monday that they wouldn't accept the money saying that the lunch debt is owed by parents who can afford to pay Carmichael wants to pay off all the dead anyway with the parents can afford it or not and they said in a letter to local newspapers there that he was motivated in part because he received free meals as a kid growing up in Washington state he wrote quote I know what it means to be hungry I know what it means to feel shame for not being able to afford food after the school districts foster care warning to parents can you mention that a warning to parents that their kids were going to go into foster care unless they pony up with the old for school lunches I mean we've gone crazy county child welfare authorities there said that they don't operate that way and demanded that the district staff making what it called false claims yeah they should so but once you turn your back on that offer I don't get it because that happened here to locally and work a member when the kids were in arrears on their payments I don't was a restaurant I can't remember as a restaurant right Christine who came forward and said you know we'll help out it has a restaurant and Warwick I think it was gels pizza that's it did they offer to pay into the offer to pro I product if it was paid they were gonna pay and I think with the city had three with the school had said was that they would only be paying some of it and they wouldn't know how to make it so that I never miss it the atomizer for the kids who didn't know Hey is just everything except the money doesn't make any sense you know they want to come forth they want to do a good thing for the community and these kids are hungry yeah well they're not hungry is just that they were in arrears but they were threatened with giving these like cheese sandwiches or something yeah no son daughter son but instead of that order which I guess is some kind of lousy substitute for for a peanut butter because you might have a peanut allergy but anyway doesn't make sense to me in a generous guy comes forward and they said no that's okay when people think.

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