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Top of the knowing that the media are just an extension of all things democratic press office that just now is a fact I don't think anything gives it away more than they don't care about. For example. They really cared about the issue of sexual assault and allegations of such you would hear them talking about Keith Ellison Bill Clinton now the avenue case, and you don't ignore it wanted to go away. But if it helps them if it's politically expedient, they can tear somebody down that they don't like and don't want on the supreme court, then it's a whole different them. You see this all the time. I mean, just rank hypocrisy on display a by them. On pretty much every issue if they really cared about the issues. They don't sweat. You never heard any of them comment about Juanita Broderick. Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey that they'd never would. That's why you know, if you watch for example, how sad is it that have one reporter Jim Acosta that makes everything every moment. He has the Mike and gets the question Sarah Sanders or or the president. It's all about him makes definitive statements starts debates president gives answers that's not enough. How many times does the president have to say after one person asked the question enough enough enough? A girl comes to take the microphone you won't relinquish the microphone. I mean and create a firestorm that you can be so rude so disruptive even to your own colleagues that are in the room that similarly bike you have prepared questions that they would like to have answers to anyway. So the office is Sarah Sanders press secretary for the president sent out to CNN, and I guess every news organization. Roles and they have this is what we've come to kindergarten roll number one a journalist called upon to ask a question. We'll ask a single question. And then we'll yield the floor to other journalists to at the discretion of the president or other White House officials taking questions of follow up question or questions may be permitted. And where a follow up has been allowed and asked the question will then yield the floor yielding the floor includes when applicable physically surrendering the microphone to White House staff or used by the next questioner four failure to abide by any rules. One through three may result in the suspension revocation of journalists hard tasks, okay? So this is where we are with the press. And there is talking about this last night. This is the amazing thing about the there's no obligation of any president any press secretary Tabar ever. Have to answer anybody's questions. It's that simple. They don't have to answer any questions anyway. So the facts I network of CNN they I guess they feel like they have a victory. Let's see what happens in the future. But the president rightfully I think has been critical. There's been a one-sided partisan witch hunt. They don't talk about the fact that Hillary Clinton bought and paid for Russian lies and at those lies were disseminated as propaganda to mislead on purpose. We the people in the lead up to the two thousand sixteen election. They don't talk about the Fiso. They don't talk about that phony dossier that even Christopher Steele. Can't say is true in any way. I don't know fifty fifty. It's ron. I don't know under the threat of perjury in an interrogatory in Great Britain and still it becomes the bulk of information presented before four Pfizer court judges four five court applications, they think about it. They don't tell the judges that Hillary bought and paid for it. And they knew it. They don't buy by the law and their own protocol and verify what they're presenting to get a warrant in this case on the Trump campaign, associate Carter page unbelievable. Anyway. So that's the new, you know, that's the new media for you. They don't talk about those things they only talk about anything that is full of Trump hate, then they're interested anything else. They're not a whole lot interested in back to the caravan here for Spurs situation. Now the department of homeland security. We have this. Judge Obama appointed judge issuing a temporary restraining order against the White House claiming that the president does not have the authority to block thousands of illegal aliens from trying to crash through our southern border. What happens to be the law of the land? This is what we mean when we talk about judicial restraint legislating from the bench, we need Coequal branches of government, we need checks and balances we don't need. Some Obama appointed judge to rewrite the laws because of his political views. But that's exactly what happened. And especially now that the department of homeland security and Mexican officials themselves have pointed out and have identified at least five hundred criminals that are have literally blended in with the migrants and the caravan and are traveling with the migrant caravan on the other side of the border in San Diego. But now, you've got thousands of people in Tijuana, and the people of Tijuana, they're using the words they felt like there has been an invasion of their town of their city where they live. And not respecting Mexican laws and Mexican sovereignty as always funny getting lectured by Mexico over immigration policies when they themselves either put people in jail with them out of the country immediately. So the five hundred criminals that was made during a conference call with reporters. When officials asserting the most of the caravan members are not also women and children as they now have had an opportunity to study the long caravan and all legal options are on the table. We've been negotiating with our partners at cetera. There's a Forbes magazine piece out there that illegal immigrants cost taxpayers. Eighteen point five billion dollars a year in healthcare costs alone. That's a pretty significant amount of money when you look at. There was another study about a week and a half ago that said every every single illegal immigrant cost the taxpayers seventy thousand dollars a year. Well, we would at some point to pay down our debt and stop the deficits and live within our means, and bro the economy, we still have Americans that have been left behind. I know we're making progress we have four million four and a half million more jobs created eight million Americans had a poverty and off of food stamps, a dramatic turn of events since the Obama years, but we're still not there where every American that wants a job can have a job, I'm for immigration, but important legal immigration. They've invaded ABC NBC literally ignoring what the people in Tijuana are saying against the caravan. Naming they're saying they're not reporting it and this Obama appointed judge barring the US from enforcing the asylum ban. And look if the president hadn't acted earlier, we'd have a problem. You know, US troops fortifying the barriers to stop what they're using this razor wire that is the real deal. It's because why because of all these people come across the border. What happened? What do we do? Then. If we had a wall, they never would have come. They would come and go through the process legally like everybody else had to do. And why is it so wrong that we see we have laws in our country that if you don't obey them, unless you're the Clintons are a democrat. We do have a dual Justice system. They get away with everything we don't get away with anything. But you know, that's got to be the first prerequisite. If you want to be in America and an American I will tell you this what's going on. This is really interesting the infighting that is going on among the Democratic Party. And it's getting more interesting by the day, as we watch, you know, House Democrats want to launch it and vodka Email investigation at the urge there's no similarity avuncular. Yes. She might have used her private Email on emails. Nothing was classified. Nothing Abbe Lowell. Her attorney went over all of this number two. She deleted nothing not thirty three thousand she acid wash nothing with bleach bid. She busted up. No devices whatsoever. She had nothing on a private server that was built and her knowledge of this. As a new person newbie in Washington versus Hillary was sending out notes to our own staff. Not to use private Email are. Very distinct and different things. We have. Anyway, there's a new report out that seventy percent of Americans say illegal immigration is a serious problem. Of course, it is remember before the election after the election and Hannity and these guys on FOX they're whipping everybody into a frenzy over southern that's never going to happen. Then thousands of miles away. Well, not anymore. Now, they're in Tijuana was Obama saying that out on the campaign trail unbelievable. What's interesting is? Goldman Sachs warned democratic house victory would tank the stock market pretty interesting. We've had a couple of days. That's why you know, one thing that's happening was in the New York Post while the press keeps pretending that Trump supporting Republicans are Americans number one Perv as the number one per varies of hate. They've been kind of silent on the fact that several of the democratic party's top twenty twenty presidential contenders won't say where they stand on the quote, boycott, Israel mo- movement and Alan Dershowitz is right. Where was the widespread condemnation of Louis Farrakhan, why does a former President Clinton sit next to fire Conard one seat down from Farrakhan? How is it that, you know, you see or any of these guys going to now we Cory Booker Spartak is distancing himself from the boycott Israel movement. They are our closest ally in the Middle East anyway, so far White House hope. Pulls for twenty twenty Kirsten gillibrand Bernie Sanders. Kamala Harris, Fifty-seven cosponsors, Israel, anti-boycott act would penalize attempts to cooperate with international efforts to boycott Israel where where is everybody? Unbelievable. It shouldn't surprise you. Anyway. Looking ahead. Here's the headline in the hill. Today fight for democratic leader is a battle for the party's future. Nancy Pelosi New York Times, Nancy Pelosi's last battle, Donald Trump saying again that if need be he would get Nancy Pelosi the vote she needs from Republicans. So that he's him saying that she deserves the position a Cossio Cortez on Democrats opposing Pelosi. It doesn't reflect the party's diversity very few people of color, and you know, she's now signaling though, some support is she might now be on team Pelosi in the end. Here's what's really I saw this on Breitbart. This is pretty interesting because the one name that was mentioned as a possible opponent Nancy Pelosi is a congresswoman by the name of Marshall flood, and the headline is anti Pelosi rebels. I'm sorry what he's saying in my your, Marcia fudge. What I said. Marcia flood. I'm sorry. I was thinking mar I correct myself, Marcia fudge, anyway, the headline is excuse me, anti Pelosi rebels hit a snag is, Marcia fudge under fire for a letter defending a judge accused of murdering his wife, I'm reading this article anyway, and I'm thinking, okay who leaked this who? And I'm thinking it has to be the Democrats. They don't like that. She is willing to challenge Nancy Pelosi. Now, I don't have any evidence of that in any way, just my gut instinctive reaction to this. But these anti Pelosi rebels in the House Democratic conference, you know, were pushing, Marcia fudge hard. They wanted her. She's a democrat from Ohio, and she's now under fire in a big way today for defending a judge now accused of brutally murdering his wife, and this comes after she had attacked Pelosi as an elitist signed. Letter with more than a dozen other Democrats vowing to oppose Pelosi for speaker on the floor of the house early next week and floating a potential run for speaker herself. Specifically, what has emerged is a letter. She wrote in August of twenty fifteen defending a former cuyahoga county, Ohio Judge Lance Mason during his sensing over the brutality beating of his wife. Isha? Frazier and Mason, ended up spending nine months in prison for the two thousand fourteen assault on Frazier and emperors released from prison was hired by the Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson's administration in the minority minority business development mode, but the assault was so brutal. He punched his wife twenty times smashed her head into the dashboard of their car while their kids were watching in the backseat. Holy mackerel. The couple's children were in the back of the car at the time. Now the account from the Cleve from Cleveland dot com. Gives more details on the.

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