CBS, John Ernest, Senator Lindsey Graham discussed on The Joe Pags Show


The community was asked to do acts of kindness to remember sixty year old Laurie K who was killed CBS. His John Vigliotti on suspected shooter John Ernest while searching, the home Ernest shares with his parents polices, cover appears to be manifesto posted hours earlier on social media mayor Steve said the community is facing. Heartbreak when you walk into a house of worship. Then you shoot congregants. That's a hate crime. Republican South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham tells CBS face the nation. I'm trying to get a national grant program to incentivize states to pass laws to lower local law enforcement to go to judges to take guns out of hands of people that are showing really disturbing sides. Witnesses say Ernest stormed into the synagogue shouting anti semitic slurs. CBS news update and Allison keys skewers still trying to get to five men trapped in a cave in Virginia. Elaine Kiana with more doesn't emergency workers began repelling their way down a narrow cave. Opening just before noon to rescue the five men. Russell county sheriff's deputy. William Watson, these individuals went into the cave on Friday and one made it out last night and reported the stuck they can't get out of the caves officials say the men entered the cave without proper climbing gear. Baltimore police saying gunman fired into a crowd gathering for a cookout killing a man and wounding seven other people. The police Commissioner says the gunfire erupted in the city's western district, and they are still looking for the shooter..

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