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Pot delivered California residents may soon be able to get home delivery of marijuana. The state endorsed a rule to allow deliveries even in communities that have banned commercial pot sales police chiefs and other critics oppose the rule saying it will create an unruly gray market of hidden pot transactions while undermining local control cannabis companies argued since large stretches of the state of band pot sales consumers were cut off from legal marijuana purchases. Pam Coulter, CBS news the boyfriend bargain. Freemen's late granddaughter has been sentenced to four twenty years in prison for her death. Lamar Davenport was handed down that sentence in a New York courtroom for fatally stabbing Denia Hines twenty five times was outside her apartment in two thousand fifteen during sentencing Davenport's, family yelled out in court that it was Freemen's fault alleging he sexually abused his granddaughter when she was a child Matt piper CBS news. I'm John Valeria Joshua has been found guilty of murdering temple university student Jenna Burleigh after the pair met at a campus bar in August of two thousand seventeen earliest contorted body was found inside a blue storage been on the property of the defendants grandmother KYW's. Kristen Johanson reports from the criminal Justice center dressed in a grey suit wearing glasses thirty year old. Joshua Hubbard stared emotionless Jenner Burley's family class their hands tightly together as the foreman red hot deserts was guilty of first degree murder. Everywhere. You turn the crime only really came back to one person. I sixteen district attorney's Jason Grenell. Danielle cabbage, prosecuted the case DNA.

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