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Council New Jersey won a one point five news time five thirty seven from New Jersey and around the world here is the latest now the corona virus pandemic one hundred ninety eight cases in fourteen counties now reported in New Jersey a Bergen county man in his nineties became the third death with sixty one cases Bergen county is closing virtually every business in their county including the American dream mega mall much of South Jersey in the extreme north west have yet to confirm a single case of covert nineteen that included land at Cape May Cumberland Gloucester and Salem county as well as Sussex and Warren counties this is going to be the last day of school for most years the students all schools closed as of tomorrow districts are implementing various at home learning programs the vast majority of districts have completed preparedness plans to make sure at risk food insecure students will still get enough to eat state education commissioner Lamont rebel let's says different school districts are using different strategies to make sure needy kids have ample food supplies during the novel coronavirus crisis department staff is working closely with local emergency management offices to ensure that we leverage all of their available resources safely securely deliver mails to our students we're committed says rebel led to monitoring the situation to ensure our kids are getting the nutrition they need in Trenton David Matthau New Jersey won a one point five news all not many scientific studies have asked which are the most effective disinfecting agents against covert nineteen scientists assume that what works against other coronaviruses will work against this one the associate ecology professor at Rutgers as if you're cleaning with a solution of rubbing alcohol aiming for about seventy percent alcohol the other thirty percent is going to be water that's also very useful on services a quarter Cup of bleach per one gallon a cold water also affected just be sure to make a fresh batch every time you clean and don't get it on your clothes New Jersey is stepping up testing for corona virus in an effort to track.

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