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If he can't get through, you can hit me on Twitter at the real grass. Jerry Estates. Let's get to you. Super Bowl. Tom Brady, Pat Mahomes, the quarterback carousel in the NFL. You know the other quarterbacks who might be out there. We know there's now not going to be a big trickle down effect, because, well, Matt Stafford is now going to be in a Los angle. EEZ Ram Jared Goff goes from the Rams to Detroit. Okay, so those two situations of shura short up, But what happens with the Shawn Watson what happens with the first two picks in the draft? You know, I I wonder if everybody is going to be able to agree. The Jacksonville is, uh, we know that with the hiring of urban Meyer and having the number one pick, they're taking Trevor Laurence. That's easy. Then it's gonna be what they're going to do A number two and the question becomes, who is going to own the number two pick, and if it's the Jets Dude, if they decide to Justin Fields isn't there guy do they look to get out of there? And is that open up another quarterback? I think we're just at the very beginning of this whole quarterback carousel. But I will say this The fact that Stafford has already spoken for and it looks like golf is probably going to be in Detroit for another year, given the guaranteed money, and I'd say that's a minimum, if not a couple years for golf in Detroit. Everybody else is looking at it and saying, OK, what do we do? Who's the guy that you go after? Like, If your Atlanta are you? Are you gonna pass the baton at the quarterback spot from Matt Ryan? Hey, Matt Ryan is very much like a well, although Matt Ryan's going to Super Bowl But to me, there's very much. Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, similar field. In my opinion, the both of those guys. Raise you look at him. It's like OK, they're hand isn't stamped. Your thoughts. 855 to 1 to four. CBS George in L. A grass show, CBS Sports Radio. What's up, George? Gresh was going on, man. I really enjoy your show, man. I was going to make a comment about soup bone and talking about golf in Stafford. I believe that Kansas City just is gonna be too much for him. Camp at the end of their offensive power in special teams will play a factor. But also about the Rams and engulf, I think make they solve last two years. That called isn't what What he was and make. They is very much in control. And I think, get Stafford to another level because the Detroit is very dysfunctional. Football team, and I believe that the Rams gave up a lot, but I think at this point they had no option. I know it sounds crazy, but they got rid of some cap money. And they've shown they can survive with just number two picks and so on. And the draft anyway, I'll just take your comments. Yeah, I, uh, I just wish I believe Maura and Stafford. That's that's really what it comes down to. If this was not even a Super Bowl winning quarterback if this was a guy who had shown the ability to make other people better around him. If this was a guy who had an amazing fourth quarter resume and was putting the team in positions to win, and the rest of the team was screwing the pooch and wasn't it away. There was that long kind of history there where you know, there've been years where Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay is gone. Maybe like 10 and six or and we'll look at them and say, Man, look at what Rogers is doing. Have we ever said that in the career of Matt Stafford, like, um, I so missing the boat that after 12 years of looking at Matt Stafford That there is something there that I'm missing. Or that Sean McVeigh thinks that he can unlock and make this guy better for his offense. Then what? Jared Goff Woz I That's the, uh, that's honestly where I get hung up on it. Don't just like Matt Stafford, the player. I don't think that's the guy that you bring in and say, This is the dude who is going to lead us to a championship. Shep just threw up on my old screen here that no, I'm not a huge numbers guy. But only 15. Quarterbacks have more passing yards in the history of the game, and Stafford is more than a decade younger than Brady. You know? I think a part of the and I mentioned that a part of the secret sauce for Bill Belichick was the team and special teams and stuff like that. Tom Brady made guys better than they should have been. And I would argue the Calvin Johnson. Was as good a player as he should have been with Matt Stafford at quarterback. But can you name one other player? Where you look at them as a wide receiver and say, that's what they should have been. And Stafford was a part of that guy's success like Calvin Johnson. War. Is there somebody else that was elevated? Cause I would dare say that Julian Everman Should not be mentioned in the same breath as Jerry Rice. But the reason Julian Element is pretty good. And it's all of the way he is, is because Tom Brady was his quarterback. Can you find me? One guy? Than Matt Stafford has elevated like that, because I sure as hell can't That's why I scratch my head on this. Dedrick in North Carolina Talking Saints Crest Show, CBS Sports Radio. What's up D Hey, what's going on Grass? Have great, my man. Shoot me some info what he got tonight down there in North Carolina. I don't know if you remember me or not. But you remember I called when we played Chicago in the playoffs and told you to go ahead and pick a man. My boys went down fresh. They went down. Uh, you know, I mean, I really don't have much to say. Uh, but we give that we give wrap that game for Ah, for Tom Brady. I'm not. I know people in the Salmon's sore loser or whatever the case may be, but I just feel like we just I don't know. I don't know how we just went to bed like that against against the books. I mean, I just feel like we were the better team turnovers, baby. I mean, you know dead Dedrick. It's the great equalizer. Turnovers affect more football, turnovers and special teams affect more football games, then People, really even our are aware ever want to realize. And to me. That was the like that cook fumble. You know, you could look at him and say, Hey, man, he screwed the pooch. But that's also the Tampa defense, tackling the football and swarming the ball when they needed to. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, And, uh, but it's all good. You know, we lost the Tampa Bay moved on, but I want to talk about it. Jack called situation right quick. I just feel like the Rams just gave up way too much on a guy like Matt Stafford. I mean, you know, he's you know, I just look at the age difference. I'm looking at his age as far as what they gave up. I don't think they gave up too much for a quarterback at that age, and I'm not sure I loan Jack. I was gonna last in Detroit calls. What if Detroit doesn't win and then golf could end up a journeyman quarterback bounce from team to team? But that's all I got. Dedrick. That's a good point. And, hey, I know Detroit is bringing in a new coach and Dan Campbell, you know, cutting his wrestling, promote the introductory press conference. Had mentioned about, you know, finding the guy who was going to be the answer that position long term. Yeah. And you know his golf gonna be that guy. I mean, look, if if it's a new coaching staff, and they're going to go in and do some minor tear down, or they're gonna you know, No, I don't think they're terrible offensively and you look at there..

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