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We'll move onto the darlie. Yorkshire oaks we also nice to see cool moore tweeting. I think it was tom magner. Twitting thanks to charity for the support of the darlie yorkshire oaks and how excited he is about sex and more nice little plug for coolmore himself there as well but snowfall wins by four lengths. Essentially ease down so covering this race. Live was bizarre because of his covering this with lucy on talksport to someone holds was on with me on wednesday and again on friday. Lucy happened to be on thursday and she'd been there the day before and it was nice to hear someone talk about the crowd being there and and how the crowd welcomed mishrif back in the reception. That's no fault was absolutely epic. But she's essentially second last as they round the final bend and it was like ryan just put her in sport moment all right go. And it's over in the blink of an eye. Now we can you. And i talked off air. But what the hell was david. Minutia doing running wonderful tight. I spoke with them. I interviewed him for tokes ward and he said i might live to regret this but i have to run her. I don't feel deauville work. So we're going here and it will bring her on an every race. She's having is a stepping stone to the arc so but again he said i might live to regret this She was disappointing. But you can't take away from you. Only look at what snowfall has done and the way she made up the ground the way she traveled. She was costs quickly. Not quick enough by one firm. Thanks for the fours buddy to nine to four for the arc performance. And what do you make going forward under the beaten young to old there are reasons. There are reasons why you know she. You wouldn't necessarily be terrified of taking her on there but You know she's got the she's got exactly right kind of profile as long as it can keep her keeper around fresh enough For rum for long shown than you know. She's as a three year old filly his him progressing all the time She has to say progressing all the time. You could argue. That was her best performance. If you give her credit for the margin of victory but The question was always county. Repeat that I mentioned again in the irish oaks to massive performances. She's find to bind some which is on the same thing again. Here you know. Should this by four lengths of asked It was a funny race in that the the wasn't any opposition in reality I came on stock will look through the field going Dot com well that kind runwell that conwell and looking at the entry of the. I think the nine who were entered originally thought well mostly wrong is going to be. It's going to be very fast growing so our flora. That's wonderful tonight sons You know might not want in there and i thought alpinist it would run As was terrific value. Three places for rest it was gonna have five Liquid ended up ended up with that with seven declared and seven running On on some you know wonderful tonight was nowhere. Near best on the grinding on david minutiae was was very straightforward about it afterwards. He you know he said you know she. She run the risk because she needed. She needs a rum On a new that she might not be our best butts you know. He was prepared to accept defeats knowing that in the long run they was getting to where he wanted her to go So we hope that she would run better than she dates. But he's has william puuikena if she if she hits it. Don't be hard on console by bringing forward disappointing from her. Giving sort of moved into contention on you can logical went pretty hard in front wander under holy oil and she held on for third at one hundred fifty to one. I did actually go under the day. You're telling me that. I was just two hundred and seventy on bedford. I thought well. She'll trade short and that she's not feeling gones but she wasn't good enough to win this. But of course you treated a little bit shorter and the run so honest you get a free a free five or out of it for fun album flow around really. Well we second. She's she's frustrated me this season. Because i really affiliate in this rather proves it That she stopped the rest of them She suited by she sued by by Being able to come with with a long sweeping run She showed that on her. Tation can be really good. I should not been sued by a couple of small field farris on the small fishes answered by small field race at epsom where the track didn't particularly seizure and then she was kind of. She was just caught up in traffic. And the heartbreaking couldn't really get loose She might better. She was written off the pace and towards the side of the day. A bit disappointing. A good When she you know she was chest wonderful tonight through various and then she just she Issue around a fair enough risk should put in her place by wonderful tonight and she showed here that you know she could have done better Maybe she doesn't want to hold deep. She just wants good to soft. Brian's album flora. She's already to ask is asked. Soft grinds sometimes can be a little bit of a head scratcher. So we'll see what she goes. She doesn't really wanted this quick. She run well enough socialist. She handles it On she'll she could pick up a decent prize come the endless as them. Aside from not you know the money shehata was a five to one shot for this risk that the day before or or run on the on the monday when they betting on post on that shot it was five to one. She had virtually no chance. Ribblesdale was terrible racist season where she was second to loving dream Loving dream has has Has confirmed form And as china she was just short because she only hides three ron's on maybe there was improved dinner. But as i said it was deal was was a really per consolation for the for the oaks this year. I'm so i said wasn't much depth than the rest but snowfall has again. She's running against the clock to a large degree And she's done it..

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