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So disgusted by Rick tittle that I find him very intoxicating. Well well well thank you and welcome back to the show with you. Coast to coast and I'm excited for the draft and I feel bad for people who boycott the NFL if they really truly love it if they don't care they don't care what are the matter. I'm talking about some of my fellow raider fans who have just said screw it. You've moved the team away from me twice. I'm never giving you another dollar and other another second of my time and in a way I am kind of jealous. I wish I could do that. I have a buddy who lifelong raider fan and and He sort of did a any sort of what well-known he did a tweet. That was Jerry Maguire letter saying. This is why I'm done with the raiders forever. And then he texted me. And he's like you to like never and he's like never and then when it was announced that the raiders we're gonNA play last season at eighteen anti park where the giants played now Oracle. He's like surely you're done now. I go first of all you gotta remember. I'm not a San Francisco Hater. Kay I'm an Oakland guy but I don't hate San Francisco like I've spent my entire adult working life and San Francisco. I don't hate it obvious alike Oakland better but it's not like uh San Francisco. I hate it but I say you don't understand it's too late for me. I'm a raider fan for life. Okay I can't change teams. It's not possible for any of my sports. But especially the fricken raiders. The days of Middle Medieval Heraldry are gone. I have no family crest unless you want to go someplace where they go. Here's your crafts and it's just you know coat of arms with your initial in it. There is no family crest. That Raider Shield is my family. Crest on everything I war. There's a picture of me in a sandbox less. We know one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and with my brothers are all wearing raiders stuff. There's a picture of us at the beach. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy and all three of us were on our radar jackets. Appearance will get new. Raider jacket at pennies or sears. Whatever it was for school each year and it was a fake vinyl lettermans jacket in L. And the sleeves would crack and rib and we were in the rain and the wool would get smelly so to say. Oh they're playing in San Francisco. I'm done sorry I can't do it now. Am I happy with them? No my happy with the owner. No but the team is the team and they don't care and will I go to camp in Napa if they let me in come here. I was and this is no badge of honor but the last single broadcast in the history of the Oakland Raiders. Was Me doing that? Post game show by MYSELF AND AT THE END. I said and with that we say goodbye to the Oakland Raiders and I- excoriated Ripped Mark Davis. So hopefully they'll let me into camp and I think they will know once they wanNA fight me at like Al Davis told Scott Osler if I was fifteen years younger I'd kick your ass. No one has said that it's too late for me. And the draft is the most exciting thing and the draft is also so heartbreaking when I used to go to these draft parties that my buddy Steve would throw and he's a niner fan and I'll never understood because they used to be Saturday morning. You know you'd have the first three rounds Saturday morning and then you'd have four five six seven on Sunday and I liked it better that way. I so much prefer that but they wanted to go primetime. They wanted to go Thursday Friday Saturday. The Friday thing is really stupid because Friday TV everyone knows is a death knell. For ratings you don't WanNa have shows on Friday nights but that's okay now but my Stephen these parties and he would drink all this hard liquor and he'd be asleep for the niner picks doing. But it'd be like me and my little brother and my cousin a huge raider fans and we were all so excited that Aaron Rodgers fell into our laps and we took Fabian Washington. And the next team. The packers took Aaron Rodgers. And when there's Michael Crabtree and we took Darius Hayward Bay I mean it goes on and on now every once in a while you get your guy. I went to an actual Raider Draft Party at the Oakland Hilton when they drafted Charles Woodson. I remember I went up to Rob Holmberg Berg and I called him something else and he goes. I'm rob and I'm like Oh sorry. I went to the draft party when they drafted was the lamb backward Michigan State Frederickson The draft party at the call him which we did for ninety five seven and they drafted Khalil. Mack and I was like a pogo stick jumping up and down. I was jumping up and down draft Napoleon McCallum sorry Napoleon Kaufman and by the way there have been three guys. One was a linebacker named a Polian. To play for the raiders. And I find it very interesting especially after last week. I got done reading a book about Napoleon and Russia and I've been to Napoleon's to a couple of time at the ECHO. Militar- is on the lead in Bali and a guy who was basically the one of the biggest tyrants in the history of the world and a guy who started wars out of nothing just because of his lust for conquest. This guy now. I don't think he should be up there with Hitler but close and yet he's he's lauded and it goes back to the days. You should see these letters. He would ride the czar Alexander while he started a war for beat Russia once and he starts another war with Russia and he's like by the way you and I are best friends and anytime you WanNa have dinner and this this war has nothing to do with your friendship and my friendship and no matter what happens. We're still going to be buds. This czar didn't even write him back but that that's how this guy thought. And so anyway. I digress whoever you want to draft. Whatever his name is but his parents gave him. But if you go around and you look and you'd say who is going to help our franchise now who's not GonNa help our franchise now and you try to avoid the Naz. Obviously but when you draft for need and this is the only sport where I think you do have to think about need. Because you know Reggie McKenzie's would say and I asked him twice about it. I'm like come on because he always said the big board does the picks the big board if you're unfamiliar with that term is just we are going to take all everyb- pick that we the five hundred guys and we're going to list them and then we're just gonNA check them off when it comes our turn to pick whoever's highest on or that hasn't been checked off yet well we're going to go ahead and check him off so if that is to say you are the the Kansas City chiefs and you have Joe Borough at the top of your board. Let's say you're going to pick and he's still there. Do you pick Joe. Berle when you have Patrick Mahomes. No you'd be stupid. You either do three things you get a weapon for Patrick. Mahomes which he doesn't need you get an offensive lineman for him which he does need or you beef up. A suspect defence. You don't draft a quarterback and when you already have a quarterback that's just it's harebrained now in baseball if you have the best catcher in and on your big board is Joey Bart you draft him because he's years away and especially in basketball which we've learned time and time again you don't draft for need. This is how Portland lost out. Not just on Michael Jordan. But also I'm Kevin Durant because they had to go buoy and Odin that I don't blame them for going. Odin so much but the buoy thing I mean that was just when you thought everybody has a position and they thought like I said well. We already have our quarterback. We already have our to guard in Clyde Drexler. Why would we want to two guards? We can get a big man. So in retrospect it made complete sense. But sometimes you just have to go with guys who can ball right and it's laughable now to say oh you can't have two two guards play together you can have two point guards play together. You can have two small forwards you're GONNA have to power forwards are you. GonNa have zero powerful. You could run the death lineup as they call it they called it in Golden State. There's no center whatsoever. So the big board helps because it. What the big board does you say. We as an organization. Feel this way and I can't tell you who's number sixty four on your list. It's not the same as any other team. It's not your top. Fifteen is different than every other team. But when you get in to the third fourth fifth and later rounds your board is not GonNa match-up anybody else. So at least you can look up there in the fifth round and say what are we still need? We need five positions okay. Well what does the big board say the Big Board? We are in a consensus more or less. We've agreed as a scouting staff as a personnel staff. The owner of the head coach. We've agreed that this guy is the next best guy. Okay then let your big board do the talking but not in the first second even third round. Just get great players. I'm rick it'll take a quick break. Come on back but go pill I wanted. Hey sorry the type of guy that wants to look put together but doesn't WanNA spend hours at the mall finding new clothes so you can look great at the office on the road or even just on the weekend with friends and family I hear you. This is why they're stitch. Fix Your personal styling service and delivers handpick..

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