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He will tell them to listen to the show. I was on talked about you not by name but i talked about oh you no one will ever know who you are. You are anonymous. I had a friend who used to brew to c._j. And he let me try it but back then i. I really wasn't doing beer a lot so i gave him the oh yeah. This is good but it wasn't good but that was just probably me and not his beer and number three all right number. Three is the famous blanton's bourbon. I've i've never heard of that. Yes you have because you are on the cruise with me while i ran around different ports looking for it. I don't know what you were looking for and tells the bottle at the horse. That's all i knew is looking for a bottle with a horse. That could have been anything that could have been bottle of horse. Piss for barrett has in front the l. single barrel now. Why did laura have to run around and look for a bottle with a horse on. Is there something special about this can it. Can you not get it here or or was it just cheaper if you can find it here. You're going to the only time i've ever seen it in florida. It was for one hundred twenty dollars. Wow how did we pay. One hundred twenty dollars did not know do we pay half of that. Yeah i think so. I think it was half which is about m._s. r._p._m. Eh but blanton's just it's just there's been a bourbon boom over the last decade and buffalo traces. This is just it's the distillery along with. Probably maybe like three or four others are really kind of blossoming out of this blanton's. It's it's a really great bourbon but they came up with this fantastic merchandise option. Which is this little little horse here on the top that everybody goes bananas over because they to try to collect all of them. There's eight different ones. Each have a letter okay. They spell out blends really marketing ploy. Yes is make the product and now let's tweak it and make it so that everybody needs to have well. You don't need the least i've i've got them. All now. Is there as the horse different besides the letter also different it goes through phases of race so the b. is like like approaching the starting gate and in the last s is winning the race which i think i think this guy yeah all right well. I've coded my inside. Did you smell it mr ed. I have to smell before cote yeah because it's different. You'll get a different smelling her. We're having our own conversation and there are still drink it as we're on our third glass. I told you i told you to sniff it. They marry get coat. Wrote smell again. Get excited for coding though coding because when i'm coding it i looked like a marine bourbon drinker. I'm like honey ourself. If we're in a bar that'd be like look at that guy. He's cutting his glass professionally vietnam person who's drinking the wine in there like throwing around like that like that eh. What are you talking about. I watched sideways twice and they told me to do that constantly swish. That guy really knows so he's doing look at them coat. I think it's because we're in florida. We're always excited about coats took. Oh yeah <hes>. I appear now. What i noticed is every first sip. I took like you said i. I got that that just boom right there. Start the car. Change your oil for you. Who's kind of sore. Is it like that. Every time for you still to or is that is that something is the more drink. I was just going to be like oh. I know this bourbon and a both like you definitely become more attuned to it but my first i sip is always just kind of a wake. Wake up okay. Does that's what i'm getting. I don't i don't i don't take that first sip slowly. I don't try to get anything out of it. It's just coat the tongue kick it back..

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