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The family through the Honore at versus foundation, hurricane Florence continues to pose danger to the Carolinas even as it passes the wind and the rain are just the beginning of the danger from hurricane Florence emergency. Management. Officials are warning of the risk of drowning electrocution from downed power lines and injuries from falling or submerged objects. They point out that segment water is prime breeding ground for bacteria. You should avoid standing water whenever possible where? Waterproof, boots and wash your hands. If you do come into contact with floodwater pay special attention to any open cuts or wounds to keep them away from dirty water and make sure you're drinking water is clean and safe. For more health news, go to foxnewshealth dot com. Housecall for health. I'm joy, Piazza, Fox News. Jury selection began yesterday in the trial of a man accused of raping and trying to kill a young girl last year. Twenty four year old Corbin Breitenbach has been charged with attempted capital murder aggravated criminal sodomy and aggravated burglary. He's representing himself without an attorney for this trial. Prosecutors allege that Breitenbach entered an apartment in the fourteen hundred block of Smith court choked a seven-year-old girl until she was unconscious took her to a balcony and raped her a nurse testified that she took a DNA sample from Breitenbach when he was a suspect in a sexual assault back in twenty twelve to establish his DNA in the system, and you web Cayenne s news as many as one in ten Americans may suffer from severe weather. Phobia. Causing him to lose sleep or have feelings of helplessness. This is according to ball state university. Researcher Jill Coleman in weathering. The storm revisiting severe, weather phobia. She surveyed about three hundred people in forty three states. She says about eighty five percent of respondents reported having at least some degree of severe weather fear. I think everybody has a little bit of a healthy fear. Right. We want people to be somewhat fearful so they're more prone to action. But it's the the phobia part is really when people are getting to the point where they're not taking the appropriate actions. And they're having difficulty in in deciding what to do or it's kind of overtaking their lives in a day to day manner. Three percent of respondents reported seeking professional or self-help treatment for severe weather, phobia or specific inclement weather events. Defense secretary. Jim Mattis says Russia has been trying to influence another election. This time in Macedonia where vote will be held in a couple of weeks could pave the way for the Balkan nation to join NATO secretary Mattis travelling in Macedonia said Moscow's and funding pro Russian groups that try to defeat a referendum on a name change. We recognize the complex political choice ahead for your people. And we support you are methadone infringe exercising. Your own Chevron voice Macedonians will vote September thirtieth on whether to approve the name north Macedonia in an effort to placate Greece. Russia doesn't want NATO to expand to areas formerly under its influence in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News. Numbers released by the census bureau seemed to show poverty among children is not being eased in spite of a growing economy in the state of Kansas, Emily, fetch is director of policy and research at Kansas action for children. She says the percentage of Kansas kids living in poverty was just bit. Under fifteen percent last year compared to fourteen percent in two thousand sixteen now from other research that particularly for kids of color were not seeing a lot of movement and childhood poverty, and that they're not having the same gains as their white counterparts. This would seem to suggest that different policy priorities may be needed. When the state legislature returns in January. The community of Vail. Arizona has come up with a unique approach to its teacher pay problem. It involves tiny houses, Linda Williams of Fox TV affiliate K 's as E reports Scherer knows her and she teaches it passionately to fifth graders at this elementary school in the Vail school district. But if you do the math here and many other young teachers cannot afford to live in the community they teach in that's impossible to do.

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