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John Ziegler is with us. He is an independent voice and writes for immediate. And he is one of the guys I think the first to really take this Jesse Malek case on and and say, wait a minute. Something's not right here. We talked to him on Friday as this was starting to fall apart. And he laid the case out Jonah like you just delay the case out again, real quick. Just in case. Somebody doesn't isn't familiar with the case. Sure. A couple of weeks ago empire actor Jesse small lent cleaned that at two AM in Chicago in the middle of polar vortex that he had been attacked by to Trump loving goons who yelled among other things at him racial epithets insulted, a sexuality and declared Chicago to be magazine country sprayed him with bleach tighter. A rope around his neck. I guess what you're supposed to be a news. He was the victim of a horrible hate crime. And the media. Of course, shockingly laptop sub is as if this was obviously true. Did there was no other scenario that could possibly be the case because after all in their minds, no one ever lives or exaggerates about any of this kind of thing. Even though the end result as you well know, Glenn in many religious Dow is that many of these stories and being false, and this one never made any sense and the way that it fell apart over a couple of weeks period of time to me is fascinating. And I appreciate you giving me the credit because you don't get credit for any of these types of stories. I've I've made literally hundreds of dollars over the years. Going after these stories, let's not let's not stretch it. There's it's not fun because by the way, even when you're right. You still end up taking more grief than you get credit in most cases, but I feel like oh, I was the the kidney emperor would no close. There's just go. Wait a minute. Grass. No close here is an obvious stories. What was fascinating about real quick was fascinating to me was I did a series of interviews in Chicago very early. Artem is story where I I'm being used by Chicago radio, host radio host. You're not supposed to be afraid of anything. Right. Because they they they don't want to be the ones to say this is false. So they bring me all I've written for media. I'd say it tell them what they already are thinking. But no one wants to say. And that's that's really what happened here. It's really frightening. So John, I think one of the reasons why the average person may have been caught up on this end just accepted it is. Because. At first he had gone to the hospital, and you got the impression that he had to stay there for a day or two. And so he was really hurt that. That's all bogus too. Well, yeah. I mean you look now. Who it was the Nigerian brothers who are bodybuilders who were the ones that were involved in this. If they were gonna beat Jesse small add up he would have had more than a scratch underneath as I at. He would not have been able to go to Angela's almost immediately to to do. I guess we would call it a concert where he was dancing. Within a couple of days. I mean that part didn't make a lot of sense or a lot of things that didn't make the fact that he held onto his subway. Well, I mean, that's that's a love of a sandwich. Man, you like fighting off two guys who are trying to beat me up for bleejon me. But I am not letting go with this sandwich. Well, I have to say, and I was an and by the way, the police were both of us were were essentially wrong in our regional theory about what happened because I'm told from my sources, which have been very good on this story from the beginning that originally the police, and I thought this made sense because I'm not a conspiracy guy. I despise conspiracies. I believe in incompetence what evenly police were were convinced that this couldn't have been total hoax at first because it was so poorly done so incompetently. Apparently, they even rehearsed it, and and so I- presumed, and again, the police taught this to that this was some sort of a domestic dispute a relationship he had with these two actors that went wrong, and then he created the hate crime allegation afterwards. I am told that their state police still believe that there was a relationship between small and one of the two of them. But they now believe that it that what happened here was. Small at paid them to be part of this one of the more interesting things I'm looking forward to as it goes along, which I'm sure is not going to happen is small let gonna get the metoo treatment. Because if the police are right that he had a relationship with one of these guys he forced them right using his power as an actor in a romantic relationship to engage in a crime violation. Hall. This is absolutely fascinating. I saw this morning that the police said one of the one of the things that immediately said, wait a minute. This may not be right. Is he took him to the scene where it happened? And he immediately pointed out the video camera and said, I am so glad that that cameras up there because you caught all of it on video. And and it was so obviously pointed in the wrong direction, and they were like a we've never heard that from a victim who's like, and I saw right away that there's a video camera right here. And it was so obvious that it was not going to pick this up. They went something's wrong. Well, when you make a really great point, which I underestimated the police at the beginning of this. You know, I think the police play possum here. I think that they made it seem as if they had no idea what was going on they released a photograph of those two blurbs blobs. They were the persons have injury. And at that time I perceived, and I think small at perceived that was a sign of weakness that the police had nothing. They had no idea. What was happening here? It is. Now, very clear, they knew immediately. What was going on day? They had been able to chart those two blobs which turned out to be the Nigerians all the way from the scene of the alleged hate crime into an Uber. They identified them, apparently they have video of them buying the rope. So they knew their identity from very early on. And of course, they immediately know their night Sherry of their black. What are the works on empire? This story is clearly falls, and you know, to us what what I'm sure the left will think is a bad metaphor. They essentially gave small lead enough real rope to hang himself because he Denny by ends up identifying them on good Morning, America. Which of course, was ridiculous. You couldn't identify the people when you were being attacked. But you're identifying two blobs a grainy photograph. So and that's the critical thing is he went on good Morning America. To say he doesn't appreciate how this is. Just you know, he's being treated and called a liar by some it's just like those Trump people and they put up the two blobs. And it's really like the back two guys, isn't it? I can't even tell again, I don't know. I just because I the the faces were so dark. I just thought that they were wearing a hoodie or something in walking the other direction. There's no way you can tell anything about these two guys, except it's too vague people right or standing up, and and he got he gets on and says, I know these are the guys. Well, how do you? I was there. I saw it. I know these are the guys right which to me feel felt like desperation like he's just latching onto anything and shade story. Also under the belief that the police never be able to identify these guys when they already had. And of course, it's a couple hours after being the good Morning America interview, finally heirs when they apprehend I'm they questioned them. They get them the flap on small ad, they don't charge them. And now, of course, we're waiting for smaller. I'm told the police are hoping that small Ed will turn himself in the I'm I I'm still very skeptical whether small let is gonna. Suffer any severe legal consequences over this. The state's attorney and Cook County, I'm told us very corrupt. They're going to be under a lot of political pressure to give him a sweetheart deal and let this go under the rug. I told you on Friday, which I think was key part of this Rahm Emanuel, the mayor Chicago was pissed off. And it may you may have unleashed the dogs on small that when he went on good Morning, America. But he's not in charge of this anymore. This is the state's attorneys issue. And so I'm still skeptical whether the left will ever really be forced to eat the crow that they should on this. And I also think this is important for your audience. I hope that we don't just look at this as a left wants us to as an isolated in hotel. This is somehow unique this epidemic. This is an epidemic especially in the in the realm of right hate crime situations. And it's also I think, and maybe I'm sure people I know I've already driven people to left crazy for raising the issue. But let's go back to cabinet offers second breath cavenaugh 'cause we were told we remember. We were told even though Christine Ford story had no corroboration, by the way, Jesse small lead story at least had a time and a place to globs law. Contemporaries reported in comparison jussie smollet story was fantastic corroborated. Christie and Ford, but we were told reason we believe Christine for it is that a prominent person would never tell when untrue about an allegation like this. That would never have wanted to they possibly Abdo game. No one would ever do this and put themselves through this. Well, now, we know that's bull crap because Jesse small at has done that for whatever reason he did. I don't fully understand. Why he did it? I mean, we may never know. But people do very strange things and the other thing that's related. This is the number one misconception, especially the left has is we now live in a world where being the right kind of victim is the American dream. It is that's the biggest false premise of the whole thing. People presume. We're still living in nineteen whatever it was. When being a victim was was somehow a kind of a shame. It's not an item of shame anymore and probably maybe number should have been but the pendulum swung so far in the other direction. People wanted to be a victim. You can add chelation you get attention. You get money in certain search situations. I I believe Colin Kaepernick figured this out. And did it more beautifully than anyone has ever done in creating himself into being a victim? But now, you know, he's made millions and millions of dollars out of it. What is football career should have been over by now? So I mean, that's the number one premise bring the right kind of victim is the American dream today. When I come back, I want you because you work for mediate. I would like to talk about the media, and what the media should pull from all of these stories that they've done. What's the real problem here? Part of it is us the free market is like who's buying stories about victims everybody, I've got a victim story. That's that's part one. But the other part is journalism and and media today, and quite honestly, you touched on the beginning fear. We'll get.

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