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Back no we want to get that quarterback and if we don't get that quarterback then we're not taking a quarterback i think too many teams get caught up in we got to get a quarterback no you don't have to if it's not the right quarterback because that first round is littered with these kind of decisions if the browns go baker mayfield is our guy or they go hey you know what if we don't take sam donald at one we hope to get him at four but if he's not there at four then we can take josh shown net that's not how it should work because these quarterbacks aren't that close once these careers play out you're not gonna go man they're all four great quarter i don't think you're going to have a philip rivers ally manning ben rothliseberger trilogy with these quarterbacks where you go boy they're all great they're all hall of famers the odds are you know long there had somebody also who said can you look at the head coaches that came from the patriots and their success nick sabin successful in college bill o'brien not sure yet josh mcdaniel's not sure jim schwarz had some success eric man genie a little bit romeo cornell no charlie weis no al grohl no kirk parents in the college ranks aunt goes back to what i've said with these coordinators that there's no guarantee you're going to be a great head coach matt patricia might be a brilliant defensive coordinator i don't know if he's ahead coat josh mcdaniel's i don't know if he's a head coach john great offensive coordinator it's just we you know you get promoted when sometimes you look at somebody and say like dick lebow i'm going to guess somebody at some point said you're not a head coach bureau a defensive coordinator dom capers even though he was a head coach for a little while now there are certain guys where the imf y'all wade phillips these defensive coordinator.

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