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So they stated his house in la now while in la don henley glenn fry. They would actually do some touring with linda ronstadt where they would meet the other two members of the eagles. There you go nine hundred seventy one. We've got the eagles. Where's he now though. Well in two thousand one henley was estimated to be the fourth wealthiest robber in the world as two thousand nineteen lives in dallas with his wife and kids. By the way. Now glenn fry did process two thousand sixteen but the eagles do continue to tour. They'll be doing so this year. You could check out. Eagles dot com for more information. Kicks off next month. Some other birthdays. John leguizamo is fifty. Six fifty nine david spade fifty-six shawn michaels fifty five selena gomez is twenty eight. That's your look at july twenty second. Thanks for listening to this today. We do our best together all the correct information if we made a mistake. And you hurt superstar super. Sorry sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast and give us five-star think we deserve it. I hope you enjoyed learning about.

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