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Think it's the title of my autobiography. I rolled Howard Stern into voicemail. Voicemail. Yes, absolutely. That's the title of my book B and Feel really sums it up. He called him dumb ass. Yeah, literally. And I got a one word message from a lot of our listeners. Just one word. And that was the earth. Yeah, just yet. Well, you know what? They're not wrong. E mean, just a little just a little life maintenance. Jace is maybe Don't let Dan Seaman's one minute voicemails Top off your voicemail. And maybe just delete all that crowd. Yeah, maybe I do like I do and just block his number. Yeah, so that's another. That's another way to go. But then he wouldn't get to hear about Trivia. That's right. First canceled wouldn't be something and be. Did you hear that Be? It just gets more tragic. Dan had to cancel his trivia night for like the fourth time. Why? Why now? Because nobody's no because no one dumb, no messages. They don't know what we do know what a title drinking everybody along. You know, it's like it's Wednesday. It's Friday. It's next Monday. It's three days in the morning it tonight. It's a united three in the morning. I don't know what my daughter has a dentist appointment. We can't do it. Oh, anyway, uh, God, Jason, that's tragic. So what you gonna do now? I do not sleep, not sleep and crying a bucket, so there's one begged him to talk to him. There's one side board of bar story to Daniels. Jason and Colin are sleeping in separate residences. Oh, yeah. Collins reaction was similarly, um, spiny like yours, So I'm not going home. What? What? Come on, say Well, basically what you said. Why didn't you clear out your voicemails? Dumb door out? Come on. Yeah, well, good for him. Yeah, s Yeah, well, but I mean, are you going to try and reach out to him? Or just that seem too thirsty? It seems a little thirst, but to Amy. Yeah, it's Gary. Just tell Gary do you at least heard it and that you would you've got your phone on 24 7. I'm gonna call I'm gonna let because I have Baba booey. Uh, B I A baba buoys information. You have to be chilled, Jason. Just send it to be chill. Yeah, Yeah. Don't be a dork. Don't be a dork. Oh, I just love all the people in my life. Thank you. Goodbye. Dark Lord's e like, okay, so believe voicemail. All divorce attorney Get new friends. Go get all that written down have a lot to do today. Column. Take him to the cleaners. Colin? Yes, Yes, Totally. My God. Danny. Yeah, just innocently sitting at home, minding his own business hearing about the demise of his marriage. My.

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