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Away the 52 yard run by brice love stanford has thirty five yards of offense in 20 minutes loud on four drives by drives is the fifth drought young 35yards before ponson a long touch that roared bunsen on touchdown marshon states that the feel of will build in the crowd burned up state the run back out on beal well they smell blood in the water here it's third and settings and speights will be the running back let us not injured beslan sidelined attic your you know not a hundred percent picture spots burden seventeen madam used in impassable national fake a handoff cusco gonna keep it and there's no play that's a shame because he had a little bit a room i don't know if you're getting seventeen yards but a false start will make it a moot points what he got into the back feel they've bizarre read option castillo kept it trevor speights gavin plural lane allied nor title quite their house so screen pass i mean it it isn't that the antidote were seemed exactly crossing crossing routes slants into pull out of your hand quickly but the opportunity to learn passing game it's like staples match at they're just not even try handoff out the middleman speights this morning run into the line and push forward to about the fourteen yard line that i was throw away after twenty one there in one away the negative plays in the first by fia hamilton disconcerting now washing say coming off a very impressive touchdown drive going to get the ball back and which should be excellent field position although jake bailey my quantity adrs i package through splashes state the sat bailey's kick another good one moral ranging backward inning announces on the far side line we'll see where they marketed through somewhere around the third year in a little unfortunate there have baltic of big hopped forward but out of bounds yeah well i tell you what he got it too twenty so at said 21 plus thirty four that's the thirty six that is a fifty seven yard pont by bailey he has been terrific today he said he's he's their first half mvp at a know long now brice loved touchdown run it's been very few bright spots for stanford.

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