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You're listening to talk of pets and come back from doctor su Tober I'm like the lab you know what to say to you know when I was talking to CAC about my health thing stubbornness and determination and not giving up my when I fail sis and everything is good in which is unheard of and we have a nurse in the in the studio here almost he's going to be graduating as a nurse wonderful he has said the same thing is actually a really good too many people going off the rails right I don't I got lucky. so hold on to the lucky no moment at their that's watching them but anyway I want to say congratulations to Susan Alamogordo New Mexico and Kevin in Olympia Washington they're getting a copy of the book the one minute cat manager sixty seconds to feline Shangri la I've got one more book left so the third colour that calls in right now to queen our producer the book is yours problem is our doctor can't young eight four four three oh five seventy eight hundred eight four four three oh five seven eight zero zero. can I have a question and it's one that I get asked a lot as a veterinarian and I saw this chapter in your book and I think it's that excellent one how to introduce a second cat or what in the case of a lot of my clients a fourth or fifth or sixth cat especially if they have found a stray or trying to save a cat in and that's a big issue for people yes it is it's it's a big issue because they at first of all they said people are concerned I was certainly was about a leading my Cattelan for many hours and would he or she like companion and the answer is probably not. yes the cat to the degree that you let the cat out or at least decide to become friends with the other cat so you know you what you do your best judgment you meet the cat all all all by yourself usually and then you want to bring that cat home or you can if your cat is okay to be transported you can take your cat down there to meet the other cat one of the things hit you definitely want to check out is has it been vaccinated is it free has been tested for F. I. P. N. F. L. in age we are all the diseases that they could possibly catcher or Kerry or communicate so the only thing you'd want to check out and then introducing them when you bring them into the home you can have to keep them separated and let them decide what you want to do when I brought a kitten in I kept him in the big carriers that he traveled in and the cats walked around it and smelled him he was out in no time at all it only took a couple hours for my cats to say all right come on now you're welcome other cast take take a longer time and you wanna let them touch paws underneath the door you want to have plenty of things for each part you want to make sure they each have their litter box that they each have their own bowl you don't want to set up any jealousy is there any kind of adversarial relationship it is that what you're thinking yes absolutely and and here's the one question because they would ask me this when do you know it's time to open the door you know like that and I know what I think but sometimes said real judgment call it went to open the door like winning knowing each other when you introduce a many as you said the cats are walking around checking out the one doesn't cover some of the other one. right right right I'm well you know you've got you've got to use your intuition it's kinda like you you have to be a mother and you have to say are these kids gonna fight or are they going to get along and I would do it little at a time and it definitely supervise the first visit or to always leave the Kerrier open so that the cat can retreat into it be there don't just say all right you're all it's a free for all here and then because you don't know what's going to happen but if you take your time you're there your your senior cat or the captain knows you the best knows that you're there so they have developed a trust and if your there they're going to be fine so I think that when that happens you just do it you let them decide their own time and you yes into it that are they still hissing at each other are they walking around in a frantic haste are there tales of looking like they're going to attack or are they friendly are they happy are they relaxed what's happening with their eyes other years twisted back or are the years up front paying attention if your cat is relaxed then probably is a good time that you could open that gate and let the two of them meet but if there is.

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