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Well the whole house of representatives is poised to take an impeachment vote this week setting up a likely Senate trial in January Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer sent a wish list of witnesses to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for a potential Senate trial Democrats want to hear from former national security adviser John Bolton who left the White House in September also on the list acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney in one of his aides Robert Blair and Michael Duffy a budget official who handle do crane matters McConnell has signaled he wants a short trial with no witnesses called path of voters think president trump should be removed from office according to a new fox news poll out Sunday the numbers aren't much different from a poll taken at the beginning of the impeachment process in the house of representatives big picture those haven't changed they speak to basically every Republican being against this basically every Democrat being for this and that polarization that you've seen since twenty sixteen the same poll also as trump trailing in match ups against the current top democratic presidential candidates San Antonio police are investigating a shooting east of downtown that happened in the five points neighborhood a man city fired three warning shots at a person he saw breaking into a neighbor's home but one of those warning shots apparently missed and hit the suspect police say the homeowner Jackson and Warren ordered the intruder out of the home and then fired three shots in one of those bullets hit the man in the leg he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries a bear county deputies suffered non life threatening injuries after being T. bone by another driver it happened with the S. U. V. driver ran a stop sign at Montgomery and highway ninety west this morning the S. U. V. driver was detained or another reason to consider getting your flu shot before it's too late Texas is getting hit hard and early by influenza the Texas department of state health services confirmed the deaths there layer and Khan is warning that flu season is hitting Texas early and is expected to be.

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