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To the weekend, everybody. Glad you're with us. Two 38 in the morning. Graphic and weather quality 8s and what it breaks. Good morning to Ian Crawford with this in the WTO traffic center. Yeah, hello there. We started in Maryland for caller clients crash activity on 50 eastbound approaching the bay bridge. It's gonna be after cape saint Clair, but right before you get to the first ramp for Whitehall road, it's the crash activity over on the right side to right lane block. So single left should be getting by as you make your way toward the bay bridge. Earlier crash on the bay bridge that cleared you do have those lanes back again only using the eastbound span. One lane in each direction to and from the shore. On the capitol bellway they'd been looking for a crash on the inner loop near Pennsylvania avenue, unclear what if anything was found, they may have found something on the outer loop near central avenue, it looks like we've got reports of a vehicle stopped in the roadway with caution to have not gotten any lane edge information in this one is successfully eluding the cameras. On the Virginia side 95 northbound crankshaft activity after garrisonville, before you get to aquatica, left lane still getting by it last report, and then we've got one stopped in the roadway northbound 95 near the Prince William Parkway, exit one 58. That should be blocking a right lane after that heading for the occupant and onto the Springfield interchange are good. On the capitol beltway, the ongoing saga of our work zone on the inner loop near gallows road, heading toward the I 66 still moving to the works on single file to the right. This is overhead work, however, they may bring you to a stop to accommodate that on the outer loop that we're coming off the legion bridge near the GW Parkway. That is still there and that is still single left to get by Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Your weekend looking pretty good or at least starting pretty good on our Saturday looking great with temperatures in the 30s to start off the day outside the beltway inside the beltway we're talking about temperatures

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