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Let's greet will tell us a little bit about your role and i'm glad you said the company name because i was ori a c they're going to go with the american adidas go with addied us not say it properly so tell us about your role there and what you're doing yes so i had up the brand marketing for the addied us originals in style division out of her took an hour germany and her took on iraq is this place in northern bavaria quite smaller with a lot of tradition and history in sports and the beauty of it is that i work with a group of more or less fifty people on this amazing campus really in the middle of the woods under the deal it gets you not scott little pons swanson and it's definitely not in the hustle and bustle i think of every day business realities that affect our industry which is in a constant change and so as high work with these you had these great talents these individuals fifty of them more or less and we're sponsored will of creating the content the communication but also landing it so were responsible also of the consumer touch points and the media channel management so that goes across yar social media retail and digital so really responsible three sixty four everything that you see and that you experience that comes from addied us originals or as we love to call it the blue truffle okay good adidas has been on a terror you recently passed jordan's be the number to sneak sneaker brand in the us congrats to the whole company thank you and then you further your team won the entertainment for music grand prix nick known for my way and now after congrats again because your two thousand seventeen brent genius award from add week thanks o'neill end up lowering light it's quite a lie the air bliss.

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