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Features to I seventy five David Glenn tells me, it's channel, eight state, money doesn't go here. He goes somewhere else and money, we're proposing the us is going to be used for interstate widening somewhere in Florida doesn't have to come to Tampa. It could go somewhere else. We want to come to Tampa. The meeting ran six hours, about seventy people signed up. Speak, most opposed to i-275 expansion last month. The Hillsborough county school board decided to change the names of native American mascots at six bay area schools, the decision made without input from students or parents during last night's board meetings superintendent, Jeff and said the changes will still take effect, but schools will be allowed to move forward at a pace each principal will decide Jamie Perez is on the native American parent. Advisory board and says changes should be immediate. Why do we need to take time if it was any other culture, standing here before you today it would have been changed yesterday? Each school is already voted for new names, but are waiting for word on when to begin using them. Investigators say two men who were arrested after leading police on a high speed chase on I four in Orange County are connected to a series of burglaries at hobby stores in the Tampa Bay area. The thieves are targeting expensive remote control cars and trucks, fifty. A two year old, Tracy Williams and thirty five year old Jermaine Hamilton or facing charges Daniels, hobbies and Lewis was broken into last September store manager says he hopes the stealing stops. I didn't exactly wanna spend ten thousand dollars to, to catch thieves, but at least it puts an end to this to this crime spree. Deputies say Williams and Hamilton, had hundreds of stolen remote control vehicles with them worth thousands. The two suspects would be brought back to Pasco county to face charges e schooner are on a roll through downtown Tampa, but safety is a big issue users have been parking them illegally driving through bike and car lanes, even getting into fights, Hoppy, Corey also is with jump which rent scooters through the Uber app. He says they're concerned. Scooter, but also with computer, make sure they're following the half a headset for you can report. Bad drivers temp scooters have contact information on the side, Gordon bird, NewsRadio WFL a it's seven oh, five NewsRadio WF LA. Stocks are slipping this morning as trade concerns linger with the S and P five hundred index. Futures down about a quarter percent the fake meat mania fell back to earth yesterday with a high flying stock beyond meat losing a quarter of its value. The stock had rocketed more than five hundred percent from its initial public, offering in early may the fallback followed a two day frenzy last Friday and Monday that lifted the stock by sixty nine percent. A J P Morgan analysts said the rally had gone too far. So number of investors bailed yesterday, and beyond me shares plummeted, the British drug maker AstraZeneca is making a multibillion dollar bed and a class of drugs that can attack cancer cells in the body without damaging surrounding healthy ones. They have the potential to reply. Chemotherapy, and it's disruptive side effects reshaping the future of cancer care, Astra, Zeneca agreed to pay as much as six point nine billion dollars to jointly, develop a breast cancer treatment with Japan's Daiichi Sankyo.

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