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The thing about the payoff they weren't trying to interview and they were only interested in the thing that anybody should be interested it didn't pay off a woman to keep your mouth shut about the very thing that is getting people fired from their jobs left right and centre today which does make you wonder why nobody is taking this more seriously because they'll they'll vilify dustin hoffman you for a 40yearold accusation dead he made a comment to somebody and all therefore he should never work again but the canal current president a united states had an affair with a prostitute or not prosecute at porn on dr that he then paid off to keep quiet this according to wall street journal nobody wants to pursue this that's not a good start let's go after the old dustin hoffman sorry you see like tha tom hanks it that washington post who playing the part of bread rally uh no no no no not not forget that thing about the present and on and important let's go at of dust a hot on a that's it i want somebody on that now a stack can't can't where are you can't what's her name merrill strip so any out stormy daniels decrease the do an interview with inside addition or price now listen to this this is the actual interview the guy is from insight addition asking her these questions is you have a sexual relationship with donald trump you can't answer alana said the next day you said the.

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