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Mile one armed and dangerous intruder is believed to be inside so he's got no hostages is just him with a bunch of guns tim him with some time do you think it's possible in if national ordered notaby an active shooter situation well but we're we're zia munition was going to say also for him to get to the immunistion and load the guns i don't know you would think they'd be a million different locsin i'm guessing right now be that would be a negative because they say it is not and it is is not considered to be in jenin schloss them have your i do i look like a former swatting cow i hope we will um we will let me let me loves into so it is this how it goes down he boston the dick's sporting goods in any goes to the guns in a grabs a gun goes where's the bullet in the movies they would gravel bowl under the underground to grab the bullets right i'm gonna guess there locked up just my i would say would guess what a guy in a hauled up an maybe get a piece begun her pellet gun or so perot or a water pistol while the guns are probably yeah the probably locked up in you have display bottles and probably some of the guns that are display models aren't even viral bowl right is that a word and they did they take the parizeau was due care they take the pins right right kennedy usm when you buy know what you do you riggott it's machinegun wrote the air fifteen there for the moment weapon early that with this idiot thought he could do go in the grab a machinegun in walko because the stores not open but they they call them we'll have more on that and in headlines will more on the the latest london old attack and that means trade he's going to london i actually the other let's get.

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