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Yeah no you're right. I was gonna ask you about like do you. Surf around dudes like you'll sir dudes. Yeah i mean what what is like seventy or like i don't know I will go now. I've gotten over like okay. Hey i'm gonna suck like they can tell immediately the way you're paddling in and out of stuff. They they know whether or not am i terrible. No mean i can get up most of the day. It just doesn't go as well as i thought i. You know i gotta stop watching videos of dudes tear it up. Because i apparently that isn't going to happen. I don't know that was gonna the plan. But that's all right. I still when it's when it's a good day you're like all right. That's cool but i should be going way more often. But i can tell exactly what happens is a get up. I prep a tape. And then i wanna list and then i get back and it's a the the wind is the wrong way and it's all chopping the afternoon and you're like out and i should be out there. Six seventy m you know three mornings a week. It better cleaner waves. But if it's really really crowded beginning i'd go. I don't wanna go out there. Because i suck now. I'll just find a different part of break. Which maybe isn't as nice but i'm just not going enough. I'm just not going enough. And the reason i wasn't going for good wasn't because i didn't wanna get the water. It was lord of a hang-up of like. Hey i'm terrible. And honestly who gives a shit lance from redondo doesn't think i'm any good like the farmer who who's lance don't even know if lance is real so i i'm all you know the reason i think the life advice thing works is not because i think i'm so smart and i'm so disciplined and i do all this stuff it's probably because i fucked up most stuff so that's always kind of the point of this And so hopefully that helps a little surreal. You got anything to add there you. You'd like to do so. I could see you want to get like a mandolin. Go on but you think it's too late for you know not a mandolin but i definitely fallen victim of the. Oh what are people thinking about me want doing this. I'm not going to do it. Which sucks because like for example like. I was planes to pick up soccer. I didn't grow up. Playing soccer is zero. I touch. I have no skill is just kind of bring the energy and sometimes i'm not even great shape and there'll be times when like i do. I wanna run out there and like embarrassed myself in front gaza pointing college or whatever. They're going to be judged me and you know what they never do. They never judged you play hard. It's totally fine. And at the end of the day. When i come home. I'm super happy. That i actually did it. I gotta work out in. I was exercising. I was outside. i was doing something i like. I met some new dudes so you can get in your own head way too much about this stuff and we often think that people are constantly judging us would. Sometimes they are. And honestly if you're talking about lance redondo who cares about lance as you said but if you're having a good time and you're enjoying this in your life is being fulfilled because it then just do it man. You're going to be happy afterwards. That's why i don't golf goffin's a whole different story because actually golfers can be very judgy. Especially you're on. The i t in a bunch of dudes watching you. I've seen it so much on. Tv like people waiting for people to golf and finish their shit. That like i would be terrified. Or i would just totally cheat like all right. I can't have these guys weighed on me. So we'll just add a stroke here or something. I don't know here's what you gotta do that with golf. You gotta go with guys. That aren't great like you know because if you're if you're golfing as a new golfer with a scratch golfer is going to be awkward the entire time because that's got he's gonna be hitting great shots you're going to be lacking behind you're going to feel self conscious about you kind of have to go with other guys that suck yeah. I'm petrified and i don't know any guys that sucks so i think just being the state forever young. I'll tell you right now like the gulf thing you could you could also just golf with people. That aren't assholes you golf with your friends and yes. If there's somebody's never golfed foreign three guys out there have been swinging it for twenty plus years. You're not their first choice. But if they're your friends than they understand. I remember the second time i ever went. And i went with the guy that owned the bar that i was managing and i was like twenty one. Maybe you know. I think it was like summer after everybody graduates gone so i was still up there and i went to like a local course. Wasn't that great of a course in there was a bunch of light guys that were like local vermonter types. You know late twenties early thirties. Which you know. At the time they feel like they're eighty when you're just out of college and you know hit an iron shot and i completely topped. it missed. It was like straight up embarrassing and they all sat there and laughed at me. And i looked at him. And i'm like you haven't seen your dick in a fucking month like hey you guys can all like take it easy. I was pissed and then the guy that owned the place. Who's kind of a bad ass was was like. Hey it's the second time golfing ever guys like. Are you guys serious with this shit right now and i was in the thing is like hey just just keep going. I mean that's kind of one of the bigger lessons in life like it. Sucks that any of this stuff happens. You know what i mean like. Just think how much happy you it'd be really to try this thing out. Be terrible at for won't be judged not having about it and then i'm going to go ahead and do.

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