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In the Trump administration since Election Day. NPR's Aisha Roscoe reports, Trump has yet to concede and is pledging to continue lawsuits challenging the outcome. President Trump says that Mark Esper will be replaced by the director of the National Counter Terrorism Center Christopher Miller. Trump said in a tweet that Esper had been terminated, though he didn't provide any explanation for his removal. Esper is the highest profile departure from the administration in recent days. But at least three other agency hits have been removed or demoted since the election, including the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. What Trump has refused to concede his campaign has offered no evidence that would overturn the thousands of votes necessary across multiple states for him to claim a second term. Aisha Roscoe NPR NEWS. The number of Corona virus infections has surpassed 10 million in the United States. Another sobering milestone as the number of cases continues to rise across the nation and also comes amid word of real progress in the race for a vaccine pharmaceutical giant Pfizer today announced that its experimental vaccine appears to be 90% effective in preventing Coben 19. Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware today, President elect Joe Biden praised the news but warned that the pandemic is far from over. It's clear that this vaccine even if approved I'll not be widely available for many months yet to come. Challenge before us right now. Is still immense and growing. No, We're not in office yet. I'm just laying out what we expect to do, and hope can be done. Some of it between now and the time were sworn in fight and also announced the formation of a Corona virus advisory board. Immigration is expected to be at the top of Biden's agenda when he takes office in January. NPR's Joel Roads reports, the former vice president is almost certain to reverse some of President Trump's policies. President elect Biden is expected to quickly end the travel ban on immigrants for majority Muslim countries and extend protections for DACA recipients. But other changes could take months or years to unwind. President Trump's administration has taken more than 400 executive actions, slashing the flow of legal immigrants to a fraction of what it was when he took office. President elect Biden has promised to quickly send the bill to Congress that would create a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the country illegally. But that bill has little chance of becoming law if Republicans retain control of the Senate. Well Rose. NPR news on Wall Street, the Dow was up 1277 points. This is NPR news in Washington. Live from Kait VD News on Brian Watch in Oakland. There has been a sharp increase in Covad 19 cases in Santa Clara County in recent days, health officials say. Close to 360 cases were reported yesterday. That is the second highest number of cases in a day since mid July. The county says the number of hospitalizations on Sunday increased by close to 10%. Health officials say they're concerned the trend will continue as cooler weather brings more people inside for some activities. County says it plans to increase enforcement efforts to crack down on businesses that flout Covad 19 prevention rules. The head of one of the East Bay's largest school district's is stepping down. The superintendent of West Contra Costa Unified is leaving the district at the end of his contract in June. He says he wants to make way for new leadership after four new members were elected to the board sees Julia McAvoy Reports Superintendent Matthew Duffy took over the district five years ago and has been able to improve teacher retention increased graduation rates. And we'll leave the district with 35 million and reserves, but he was nearly fired last year after an unforeseen accounting hit, pushed the district to have to make deep cuts and increased class sizes. Duffy says the pressures of running a district during a pandemic may give pause to his successor. So I do think it'll push people to think about how much they want Teo and can take on Duffy says the challenges that lie ahead include digging in on race and equity issues important to the community. I'm Julia.

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