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It's about civility. But literally take a swing at you. That's kind of civility and Hillary says when we are in power then civility and then see Pelosi said the same thing on the air show. There's been talk lately about. Lowering the temperature of political discourse. Have you have you seen evidence of that? Well, I think when we win you will see evidence of that when we win. You will see evidence of alluring the. Nancy Pelosi always a class act. All right. When we come back. We're going to have a lot more fun stuff. We're going to talk about losing your clearance, and how horrible and terrible. It is. We're going to talk the correspondents dinner, and how horrible and terrible. It was. They're basically not having it anymore and plenty more. It's the best of the Chris Plante show twenty eighteen audio year review up round up, whatever you wanna call it. Stay right here. There's only one Chris Plante. The Chris Plante show Washington's mall, W M, A L. Washington comes to talk. Wwl traffic. I'm Bobby boring. The thirty one hundred block of Minnesota avenue in southeast is currently closed due to fire activities that do that area. Authorities do advise that you seek an alternate. Route. Also, New Jersey avenue in southeast inbetween M street, and Katie street is closed the mayor fresh start five K. You're also looking at fan street and half street in between m and n close third and fourth street in between 'em three closed as well for that five K race capitol. Beltway not reporting any signs of a slowdown on the inner or outer leaps in Maryland orbit VW Parkway looking really good now north and southbound now from garage door repair dot com. The WMA Al Weather Channel forecast becoming partly sunny today with a high of sixty two partly cloudy overnight, low thirty nine. Patriots. Dot com. Accounting and payroll baton. Capital here serial entrepreneur, congratulations small.

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