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That's okay. TA start listening today wherever you get your podcasts. How soon do you think that gets this contract done with the Cowboys? Do you think is coming in the next couple of weeks? I think it will happen either just before training camp. Or what were in training camp? And that's just from talking to people, I think that Prescott will have his deal before the season starts, whether you think that's wise or not. So last question, Jeff will go outside of the world adak for this one, but they're, obviously inexorably linked than you already kind of luted to it is equal. Elliott is probably going to want something in the ballpark of fifteen million dollars per year on his extension. That's around money. That you're comfortable with. Oh, yeah. I'd love. It may not be a credible. No, so here's a date. Here's Jerry, Jerry loves to or if you're telling me that your quarterback carries your offense. He's worth thirty something million dollars a year. You can't turn around and tell me quarterback needs a running back. Can't do it makes zero logical sense, like, oh, the engine that makes it go the white quarterback thirty million dollars. He better engine the Mexico or he don't deserve that check. And I mean, that's on top of the what I think, more and more people know running back, so. And less. Have managed to have a backup on your team who's just not capable putting them in a bell. And the problem is that they had that last year. It's the first thing I've ever heard Stephen Jones, tell us on the radio. We're asking about running back thing. And he was like, yeah, we're looking for a little more than we got with raw and it's Jalen Smith's. Brother, rod Smith. They just had a player that wasn't capable. So they're the one team believe when they're priming your back was he'll, but no no don't pay. Zeke Elliott trade is equal to somebody who's crazy enough to think that running backs matter and run with their pick and go replay, like man. I really need a really good back. I'd say cool. Spend your second round, picnics, you like I'll find you guy. He'll be fine. Yeah. So no, I'm not. Okay with it. And yes, I think they'll do. Yeah, that's interesting. And there's also you know, the Amari Cooper deal that he's Michael Thomas is going to get paid before him. So they have to work all that insulin. There's going to be a lot of different spinning plates happening contractually for the Cowboys moving forward. So I do appreciate you coming on here and BGN, it's with us who a better roster the tablets or the I'm gonna go the I would go with the US. I think he does have a top three roster. I don't. I don't think the Cowboys are a bad team necessarily. I think they're above average when it when it comes to talent. I don't think they're a top five team though. I would destroy myself up for twenty go position by physician real quick there. Xiaobo's run out Byron Jones Cheetos anti Brown. Who's okay neighborhoods. Who's he's pretty good. And a crappy strong safety secondary's. Not very good eagle secondary. Good. It depends on the health of a lot of guys. And also, if the young guys start to perform, just, like I mean, the same thing with the Cowboys, you're looking at Jones being better than anybody on the eagles. So maybe that's a little bit more valuable at the cornerback position. It's close is close. Wash wash there. Yeah. Let's wash linebacker. I go Jones Smith and Bandra. And when there's timely showing Lee okay Cowboys win D line. I go take Robert Quinn, Antoine woods, and Maly Collins, tristen hill. It's good. I don't know that it's awesome. But definitely good in the eagles, go Fletcher Cox sprain. And Graham, Derek Barnett believe Jackson. I'll go with the eagles on that. Okay. Vantage eagles, I'm good with that wide receiver I go Amari Cooper. Michael Gallup Randall cub, and you go to Sean Jackson, alshon, Jeffery and Aguilar Nelson. Aggie, Lauren JJ, cigarette side will probably be the top four wide receivers. Yeah. Wash I dunno. I'd probably lean for the eagles on that one. Oh, you Homer..

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