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The California teachers association hearing set to begin next week in the impeachment inquiry into president trump house Republicans have submitted a list of witnesses they want to hear testify which includes the former vice president's son hunter Biden as well as the anonymous whistle blower the chairman of the house intelligence committee Adam Schiff said he'll consider the Republican requests but cautioned this inquiry will not serve as a vehicle to undertake this same sham investigations into the bidens or twenty sixteen that the president pressed Ukraine to conduct ABC's David Wright booze at the World Series cheers in Tuscaloosa for president trump who attended the LSU Alabama football game Saturday the crimson tide's home crowd cheered when trouble was introduced at the game pitting the top two teams in the country the LSU Tigers one Germany marks the thirtieth anniversary Saturday of the opening of the Berlin Wall a pivotal moment in the events that brought down communism in Eastern Europe leaders from five countries attended the ceremony taught it ABC news and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK a new burst fire in southern California is causing fear it's burning in the Hollywood Hills area near Warner brothers studios the good news is it's only three acres and there's no went but while it's moving away from structures it's spreading toward the popular four thousand acre Griffith park privately run prisons will be bad in California under a new law that goes into effect January first it calls for all private lock ups to be phased out by twenty twenty eight but that's not stopping the federal government the Los Angeles Times reports ISIS posted a notice soliciting contracts with private prison operators to run expand for existing detention centers for immigrants the national rifle association has withdrawn its lawsuit against him Francisco over the city's resolution it labeling the gun rights group a terrorist organization lawyers for the NRA filed a notice of dismissal in U. S. District Court every city officials said they were only expressing an opinion and not ordering the boycott those are top stories I am in Jellico B. O. high taking care of the K. traffic.

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