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Heroin bus goes bad leaving four Houston cop shot. CBS news has report coming up next. Also ahead. President Trump warning about another possible government shutdown if congress doesn't come up with the border security measure he likes plus governor Gretchen Whitmer declaring a state of emergency for Michigan to the upcoming subzero temperatures throughout the state these stories and more on the way, good morning. I'm Jim Matthews for WWE NewsRadio nine fifty. Now. We get the latest from CBS news at three thirty one CBS news update, Houston. Police say four officers were shot as they tried to conduct a drug search in a home a fifth was hurt during it all CBS news. Correspondent Kris Martinez reports. Show houston. Police officers came under gunfire Monday afternoon while serving drug search warrants and a residential neighborhood. Only say two officers sustained gunshot wounds to the neck, we know that the debriefs breach. The they came under fire right away to other officers were also struck by bullets along with a fifth officer injured during the melee inside the southeast Houston home. Two of those officers are in critical condition were undergoing surgery Monday night at memorial Hermann hospital. The police chief said both of the critically injured were shot in the neck two suspects were dead inside the house when the officers were serving a warrant for black tar her when when the gunfire all broke out CBS news update. I'm Matt piper. This is NewsRadio nine fifty w j news time three thirty two..

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