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She noted quote it's a natural thing to want to distance yourself from something frightening and awful but we need only go back to hitler's germany to see that it can happen to anybody anyone can become dissociated to the point where they're not seeing what is happening in front of their eyes and quote to be fair it's unlikely that any the canadians defending the solar temple in nineteen ninetythree knew what leaders were really up to luke and joseph for alrighty planning a potential mass suicide of their canadian followers in nineteen ninety three but they decided to put it off after the arrests and subsequent police investigation of the solar temple that began in march on june thirtieth nineteen ninetythree delorme and vigny pled guilty to the charge of buying illegal weapons but they insisted that they only wanted the weapons for selfdefense the claim was supported by the police's own wiretap in a secretly recorded conversation luke told one of the group's members that he needed a gun for protection in the remote areas of switzerland judge bonnin let them in off with a suspended sentence this meant that the members were released on probation instead of going to jail he also find them one thousand dollars each it was a rather lenient sentence but the judge i felt this was fair in light of the canadian public's newfound bias against cults he noted quote the accused have until now been victims of biases and bigotry which have become tremendously widespread through this events coverage they've been regarded as members of a cult and cults were not very popular in the media at the time of these events especially due to the incident in waco and quote the us government siege of the waco compound had ended in disaster in april just two months before the solar temple members received their sentences the branch davidians had set their own compound on fire and seventy eight people had died the irony of course is that almost all of the members of the solar temple would soon kill themselves in a similar manner to the branch davidians but the judge had no way of knowing this on july fifteenth nineteen ninetythree luke sherie returned to canada for his court appearance he received a suspended sentence and a fine of one thousand dollars he quickly left the country for switzerland in the aftermath of the investigation in nineteen ninetythree government authorities in quebec became concerned that the solar temple had recruited and indoctrinated multiple state employees including politicians police officers and workers at the government owned electric company hydro quebec canadian government officials had reason to be worried daniel to gaul a police officer was already a confirmed member of the solar temple police had caught him trying to help jeanpierre vinay and herman delorme purchase illegal weapons in march jeanpierre vinay one of the two men arrested in march was a project manager at hydroquebec upon further investigation into hydro quebec government authorities were shocked to learn that solar temple leader luc cherie regularly gave lectures at company conferences even worse at least fifteen hydro quebec employees were members of the solar temple the solar temple had even succeeded in recruiting members of the government brought follower doe a department head at the ministry of finance was discovered to be a member of the solar temple although both the hydroquebec project manager and the police officer lost their jobs in the wake of these revelations robert follow doe was merely suspended from his job at the ministry for a week all in all the fallout for the solar temple in nineteen ninetythree was minimal but even though none of these investigations resulted in real consequences for the cult joseph dimambro and luke cherie grew increasingly paranoid day had initially put off their nineteen ninetythree suicide plan due to the initial police investigation but as the investigation dragged on through the summer of nineteen ninetythree the public turned against the order of the solar temple joseph and luke found it difficult to bear the negative pop bliss ity when luke returned to switzerland in the summer of nineteen ninetythree he couldn't find work word spread quickly.

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