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We've put this in a position where it can survive now remember his personal foundation is shutting down in winding down because he was he was the centerpiece but this organization the new york police and fire widows and children's benefit fun we hope that it's going to go on forever and as i said earlier that's my challenge that's the challenge for our board and hopefully we're up to it because there have been so many other foundations well meaning foundations that if you will died out when the person died yes well i think we did a good job of expanding this well beyond rusty for for for many years you know we have a board of twelve thirty five to thirty people we have thousands of donors and when you if you come to our annual gala in october and hope you'll do that you'll see what i mean you'll see the energy in the room you'll see how people feel about what we've done and my god i mean as a civilized society the least we can do is give back to families when someone dies in a lot of duty without without a doubt in in perhaps in some way the his passing re energizes the organization i think it has and you know we've had multiple board meetings we've had multiple events whether it was the city field event or golf outing and and you can see people have taken up the challenge and we'll see what kind of results we have that for for our gathering october but i'm expecting it to be very significant and i think we will witness a tremendous outpouring outpouring of affection for rusty in our remaining moments steve dan houser the chairman of the new york police fire in the police and fire widows and children's benefit fund founded by rusty staub in nineteen eightyfour we're talking thirty four years ago and you probably have more memorable moments at these barbecues like you had wednesday night at city field in you can you can remember i it's funny i was best the showed me a picture of the other day just to show you how long we've been at this my sons are all my youngest son is forty years old and there's a picture of my three sons with rusty has to be from from the mid eighties when one was five one seven and one was nine okay yeah that really brought it home for me when i said wow that's how long we've been we've been doing this if anyone this morning would like to contribute how many they do so i think the best way to do it at is to go onto our website answer the call dot org.

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