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Ensures that insurance companies include abortion coverage without a copay there's an exception for certain religious employers it also creates a fund to pay for abortions for low income women who don't qualify for medicaid that includes people in the country illegally supporters call it the reproductive health equity act and say it makes oregon the most progressive state when it comes to abortion policies the bill passed the legislature without any republican support opponents say it means oregon taxpayers who were morally opposed to abortion we'll be forced to pay for it for npr news i'm chris laming in salem oregon era listening to npr news us trade representative robert light heinzer says the united states is insisting on more than just a cosmetic changes to the north american free trade agreement at nafta renegotiation talks in washington like hi sir warned that the us expect some major concessions he says the 1994 trade deal as resulted in the loss of thousands of american jobs and then as walea authorities have released a violinist who come to symbolize antigovernment protests in that country but npr's philip greaves says the young man's freedom comes with some conditions will yet yoga was in prison for nearly three weeks one of the terms of his release is that he must not take further part in street protests his lawyers say security agents beaten in is in custody with his own violin footage of the 23yearold out yoga fearlessly soaring away on his violin amid teargas and rubber bullets as earned him into national fame as the defiant face of a multitude of young venezuelans who for four months took to the streets to a oppose president nicolas maduro more than one hundred twenty people were killed and thousands injured during that time these demonstrations haven't stopped maduro and his ruling socialist party from pushing ahead with moves to install dictatorship and recently the protests have fizzled out for the braves' npr news for the second time in three months set texas spill to restrict public bathroom use for transgender people has died in state legislature proposal was pending in the state house when both legislative bodies adjourned their special session earlier this week critics at criticized the measure as being discriminatory i'm shea stevens npr.

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