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County through the appropriations process, and that's the experience. I've got Steve macmanus knows how the Tennessee budget works. You'll make it work on behalf of everyone. He represents and he has a record to prove it. The budget is critical because you have among other things appropriations that need to be done in order to bring funding back to your particular districts during that budgetary process when I served on finance ways, and means because of my financial background, we accomplished a lot your vote matters. Please vote for a candidate that matters vote Republican Steve macmanus for state Senate. He gets it early voting now through January nineteenth paid for by friends of Steve macmanus. Fox news. I'm Chris foster with the partial government shutdown now in its twenty seventh day. Do we want? Do we want it? Say workers on the job without pay rally at the Dallas Fort Worth Texas airport around the country, some have been calling out sick. And this is a busier than normal travel weekend coming up with the Martin Luther King junior holiday, Monday, more F A and IRS workers are being called back to work unpaid for now. Believe that a North Korean official. So on his way to the United States Kim young child has been spotted as an apple in. Beijing reportedly boarding a flight bound for Washington speculation. He's heading to the US to hold talks with secretary of state Mike Pompeo tomorrow about a second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN neither the US North Korea have announced any meetings, the US has been pushing North Korea to give out nuclear weapons program. That's FOX's Simon Owen. This is Fox News. Good morning. It is seven thirty one. Taking a look at the roadways with Terry. Thomas. Fill a wet ride to start your morning travels this morning, we're still dealing with an injury crash with holes in wire sound. This is southern added mcclain's watch out for that. Also, eight right shoulder's blocked. Eastbound I forty Witton road. And then we have an accident plow boulevard northbound democrat road so watch out for those this morning on your patients till we get those off of the roadway for you..

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