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Free the word with david platt is a resource from radical darden isaiah fifty two seven how beautiful upon the mountains or the feet of him who brings good news who publishes peace who brings good news of happiness who publishes salvation her says design your god reigns think about this verse in the imagery in it the feet of those who bring a news you think about people who've brought you good news you're waiting to hear what happened in this for that circumstance semi comes out and brings good news i think about being in a hospital win my wife is having a baby in coming out in the waiting room and saying to fairly members and friends like it's a boy like come and see this baby like those are beautiful feet people in the way they were like waiting for that person to come out and bring that news so then think about that on a much grander level because this this first on about publishing peace bringing good news of happiness publishing salvation like to sinners who are on a road that leads to an eternal l somebody comes out and says there's a way for you go to heaven a huge can be safe from all your sins forgiven of all your sins you can have peace with god you can have a happiness for all of eternity you can be safer near your that is great news and those who bring it have beautiful feet sown now apply that picture to your life today my life today there are people all around us today in need of that good news there dead in seven right now on a road that leads to an eternal l and you and i have peace to publish we have a happiness to bring we have salvation to make known so may god give us feet the go and make this good news known whether it's in a conversation with a coworker in the office beside us a neighbor who lives next to us or maybe it's people on the other side of the world the god may call you either short term or longerterm to go and make this good news known to there's so many.

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