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Even though no early commitments have come in yet on Tuesday, rivals posted an article in which it's four recruiting analysts made their early predictions for where the top fifteen five star players in the class of twenty nineteen will land. There were only two players whose predicted college choice was unanimous, and one of them was traced Jackson Davis to Indiana this jives with all of the public and private chatter out there about trace was also a unanimous selection to Indiana on the twenty four, seven sports crystal ball. Currently. Also in that rivals article that I mentioned while turned in walford, Matt hurt were predicted for Memphis and Kansas respectively. Instant for kion Brooks had three or four rivals predictions to Indiana. Another good sign as any potential recruiting class anchored by Jackson Davis and Brooks would be dynamite. Now in a rivals, follow up article titled five programs that should feel the best about. The twenty nineteen rankings. The five programs listed were Duke Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, and USC. And that seems like a pretty good list of the apart of the article begins quote, could Romeo Lankford have been just the tip of the iceberg for Indiana on the recruiting trail. Archie Miller has done phenomenal work thus far in Bloomington, but even better days could be a head for the hoosiers think goes on to list the many five and hi, four star players. Indiana is involved with now at some point, the hype of the twenty nineteen recruiting class will have to start turning into commitments, and certainly we all hope that one of those commitments is DJ carton. The point guard who visited campus last weekend and seems to have Michigan and Indiana atop his list at the moment. But with only two of the five star players in the class of twenty nineteen committed anywhere yet, it's not like Indiana is off the pace quite the contrary. Everywhere you look there, signs that patients will be rewarded with more celebrated commitments at some point. Excuse me. In the meantime, just keep watching the videos that the official men's basketball Twitter account keeps putting out well, we all want to lay in the next big thing. Those videos are nice reminder that the guys we have right now are pretty darn good too. Okay. Now let me introduce Steve goes for this week show. My wife is laughing at me right now by the whig struggling to talk. Been a little sick. It yourself when you call be professional. I know. We always hear about recruiting, you're getting choked. I am. For for people who told me that I've been taking too much time off from the show in tweets last week right now with Jared's doing is why off last week I was sick as well. Lungs fill sensitive lungs? Yes. Okay. To my left, he is the Brad Stevens of girls eat sports coaching in Cincinnati. He is the president emeritus of the Robert Johnson fan club, and he is one of the world's most renowned bracket alginates. It's not Joel Nardi. It's not Jerry palm. It is Andy bottoms for over at assembly call Andy. What is your bottom line from the past week in Indiana? Basketball? Well, you talked about those videos and some of that, and I will not be talking about John Morgan's trash talking in in basketball inside of a pool, but instead of video that came out earlier, announced the arrival of Pfitzner. And so while the the freshman arriving on campus where the subject of another another video a couple of weeks back Pfitzner was one guy he wasn't. There was a sounds like working to finish up some. Work, but but he was there and his his arrival looked pretty good. If you in made everybody want to set up offense. It's going to get him baseline jumpers apparently because he was just draining somebody on on inside the hall..

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